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In 1865, an Augustinian Monk named Gregor Mendel discovered that individual traits of organisms are determined by genes inherited from parents. Based on the parent’s recessive or dominant genes, the offspring may resemble one of the parents. Eye color, skin tone, hair color, height—everything is based on genes, nothing is left up to chance. The offspring may inherit more of one parent’s genes based on the dominance of genes; and in result the child will look more like the one parent. Sometimes, parent’s genes assemble and the resulting child looks like neither parent. Genes not only determine physical traits, but also how the child is constructed. Some genes are more susceptible to defects ...view middle of the document...

Many times my mom apologizes when people say that I look like her; she does not understand that I like looking like her, sometimes. It makes me smile when people can connect us without being together. To me, it is not a detriment to look like your parents. They are your family and one should take pride in that. Pride in where they came from. Pride in the relationships they have built. Pride in the person one’s parents have made you into.
Children not only share physical characteristics with their parents, many times they also act alike. When a child is young, they spend a lot of time with their father and mother. The child picks up behavioral traits from their parents—how they sleep, how they walk, how they eat, and much more. I act a lot like my dad. Honestly, I do not know if I spent more time with him when I was younger or if his traits were simply the ones I picked up on. To this day, my dad and I are essentially the same person. We stand the same way. We eat the same way. We walk the same way. We have the same reactions to things. My mom comments all the time how we are alike, but there are also similarities between us. My handwriting looks eerily like my mom’s and we are both strong-minded. The other night I had my boyfriend over and we watched a movie with my parents. My dad and I were reciting lines and laughing at the same parts. My mom and my boyfriend were just laughing at us. Even though I have more in common with my dad behaviorally, I crave someone who acts like my mom. That is where my boyfriend comes in; he acts has a similar behavior to my mom and I believe that is why we get along so well.
My family is different than many. Christine, my sister, looks nothing like either my mom or my dad. She does not have my mom’s nose or my dad’s lips—she is adopted. While my mom was in Korea picking her up, my dad and I went to see Tarzan in the theaters; the story reminds me...

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