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Modern Tragedy Essay

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Literature is the mirror that reflects the invisible side of the world. Whether the metaphorical description or the emotional influx it brings to readers makes literature a dispensable part in human’s society. Tragedy, which evokes the darkest repercussion of human sufferings and destructions, experienced great evolvement throughout centuries.
The brokenness of hope might be the most significant factor that contributes to the success of a modern tragedy. The pure hopelessness is able to bring in the deepest desperation and panic, and without hope everything dies. In addition, the tragedy should relate to some current controversial and sorrowful issues, which may lead to readers’ ...view middle of the document...

Then the war begins. Laila is a well-to-do pretty girl but miserably lost her lover and parents. Rasheed brings wounded Laila back home and marries her. After knowing Laila’s pregnancy, Rasheed exploits Mariam harsher and thus triggers her hatred towards Laila. However, the truth is the baby girl of Laila is not Rasheed’s bloodline. Rasheed is so irritated that he abuses Laila and her child brutally. The turning point of two women’s relationship is one day when Rasheed is beating Mariam for no reason; Laila attacks Rasheed and saves Mariam. After that, Mariam takes good care of Laila’s baby and despite of her husband’s cruel abuse, her heart is full of love and hope when she looks at the kid. However, the life breaks Mariam’s heat again: the baby is separated from them and sent to an orphanage later. Finally, when Rasheed discovers that Laila’s lover, Tariq, is back and secretly meets her, he suffocates her. At the same time, Mariam lifts a shovel and hits the shop owner to death. Laila and Tariq escapes with their children to freedom, while Mariam sacrifices herself and is executed in the public despite the fact that she kills Rasheed in self-defense. Husband's abuse to their wives has become a heated modern topic especially in Afghanistan areas. The impossibility of justice is also demonstrated in this novel when Mariam is executed for self-defense. Her fate is trapped into an irreparable tragic circle of the repeating brokenness of hope, and the readers are also experiencing great depression and desperation. The writer successfully arouses reader’s emotional resonance by showing a combination of a both fictional and real tragic life of Mariam, which may appeals to the lives thousands of Afghanistan women.
Obviously, the modern...

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