Modern Tragedy: Showing Elements Of Greek Tragedy In Star Wars Swartz Creek English 9 Essay

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From its earliest days, the Elizabethan drama brought about feelings of both delight and despair. One of the most popular forms of drama was the tragedy, heavily influenced by Greek ideals and the philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca. This form of drama is still prevalent today throughout literature and films. Perhaps one of the most well known modern day tragedy is the Star Wars prequel trilogy. It explores classic elements of a tragedy such as fatal flaws in the hero, premonitions, and prophetic dreams in the form of three films.
In the films, Anakin Skywalker is plagued with a fatal flaw: he dreads and will do anything to prevent losing those he loves no matter what the consequences. This flaw will ultimately lead to his demise as he consistently makes bad decisions based on this mindset. Flaws in the hero are a classic part of a tragedy, offering a perfect premise for the inevitable fall.
Second to a fatal flaw, premonitions are also an important element to a tragedy. Anakin...

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