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e-Business Models PaperPrior to the internet, making travel plans was much more tedious than how it is today. Calling each airline to find out flight information and having a need for travel agencies, unless someone prefers a more personal experience with a professional, is a thing of the past. In the virtual marketplace there are many options to choose from when it comes to making travel arrangements for airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, cruises and vacation packages. The three well known leaders in the web based travel planning sites are Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz. The topics discussed in this paper will describe the "look and feel" of each web-site and why they are unique in customer satisfaction. There will be specific evaluations on the ease of navigation of each site. All three companies are exclusive in their own way of navigational services, and reservation information they provide to their customers. The most important objection is for each site to appeal to their audience with ease of navigation, special offers and an abundance of different companies to choose from and compare to when purchasing their travel packages. In this paper the authors will discuss how they were impacted and what they discovered as they took their journey through Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz.Furthermore, our audience will understand how Travelocity innovated their technology to streamline travel processes, how Expedia won the Webby Award for the best in Travel web-site in 2006 and why Orbitz is a leading online travel company.TravelocityTravelocity is one of the foremost online travel web sites where customers can research information that will assist them in making their own travel destination decisions. In addition to research they can also book their own reservations. Travelocity provides reservation information for more than 700 airlines, more than 50,000 hotels, and more than 50 car rental companies. In addition Travelocity offers vacation packages, tour and cruise information and reservations. The Internet Company was launched in 1996 selling airline tickets, and provides destination information including hotel recommendations, restaurant reviews, entertainment listings, weather reports, video clips, photos, maps, news, chat forums, and other destination information. "In its first three months of operation, Travelocity reported 1.2 million visits and had 144,000 people register at the site. Registration was required to make a purchase through Travelocity." (, 2007)Travelocity has become a favorite site for travelers wanting to do their own research and book their own reservations. Travelocity not only provides a service for individual customers but full-service corporate travel management helping companies to easily manage travel costs. "Travelocity Business leverages its own innovative technology to streamline travel processes, and complements this with experienced corporate travel agents, strategic account managers and...

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