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The Nail Collector’s House
The upper half juts out towards Lake Champlain like the prow of a great ship reaching for the water. Golden-yellow wood lies in horizontal planks across all sides of the house, further echoing the impression of a seagoing vessel. All around the delicate structure is the town of Essex, New York and the house itself is docked several yards north of the lakeshore. The Nail Collector’s House, realized in 2004 by Steven Holl and Steven Holl Architects , sits charmingly in this scenery on land occupied before by a historic nail factory.
Designed as a writer’s cottage, the house channels the spirit of numerous literary beacons. The methodically arranged windows of the ...view middle of the document...

2). Holl investigates the concept of seemingly contained units connecting with each other through punctures in their casings. Visitors are greeted at the entrance by a lofty foyer stretching 30-feet vertically, intruded on by blocks of the upper floors. Large partitions swing open and over guests on the ground floor, creating a sense of indoor windows . The evident scarceness of partition walls separating functional rooms acts in further opening up the limited space. Though only 1, 200-feet2, the combination of specific architectural elements creates a space that feels spacious and far-reaching .
The house, though in-sync with its natural environment, is certainly set apart from the adjacent gable-roofed homes of the neighbors. The house practices contemporary contextualism – responding to the natural site in its current state rather than reflecting upon its history. The unique asymmetry and outwardly simple geometric massing of the Nail Collector’s House identify it with modern and postmodern styles instead of the popular colonial-revival styles of suburban New...

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