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Modernism, Modernists In American Literature, Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound, And T.S Eliot.

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Untill Modernism it is possible to see the American authors write about different themes, they wrote about dreams, fantasy, gothic, nature, friendship. Till early of 20th century Americans have no real problems even a culture. Between 1860-1900 the immigration started, American government sent some agents to Europe and these agents persuaded people immigration to America. America want these people because they want to better economy in 1920 American population increase from 36 million to 120 million. This explosion of population brings many problems within prostitution started, crime increased, and gangs reproduced. Forbidden alcohol nationally was created Mafia, living standards increased, hedonistic time started, people started to looking for fun, alcohol, party, during that time 30% percent of people were unemployment. This age called "Lost Age". In 1917 America entered the First World War. They entered a little bit because they were debating entrance of war because they were separated from Europe. In 1941 they entered Second World War, many young generation were sent to war. This is the first time they were abroad so they came back being very different.Then Modernism started, Modernism was necessary for saving American citizens because the materialist thought was very common in society, and they were in a conflict. Modernist's target was, breaking down of old traditional values and forms: religion, politics, culture, and society. These thoughts bring many radical changes within for example classical forms left behind the experimental time started, technological style in art stared. Modernists always keep asking questions in their writings, Modernist language speaks for itself and observer of realty and also modernists are not giving direct answers. When we look Modernists we see Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound, and T.S Eliot.Because Robert Frost was born on a farm, theme of his writings about nature, so other Modernists rejects him. Like other writer Robert Frost lived abroad and then back to the America. Robert Frost is seen a bridge from realism into Modernism. His form is traditional, his style is traditional but his questions are Modernist. He has traditional rhyme in his writings and poems look natural and realistic he has simple language and also we can see natural settings in his works. When we look one of the Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" we see a natural setting in first stanza at first line "Two roads diverged in a yellow Wood" very simple language, we can see there is a man who asks himself which road should he chose. In this poem the man refers America and this poem is about American's entrance of First World War he is asking questions like a Modernist and also he is using nature so it is possible to see both Realistic and Modernist style in this poem. When we look "The Oven Bird" we see again there is a nature setting at lines 1,2,3,4 "there is a singer everyone has heard, Loud, a mid-summer and a mid-wood bird, who...

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