Modernizing The Bibliographic Chain Model Essay

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1. Introduction
Technological advancements within ICT have paved the way to new and innovative methods of how information flows within a business. In the past (and currently), the Bibliographic Chain Model was a prominent source which illustrated and categorised the flow of information from an individual, or a human resource, into various kinds of formats. The main problem with the bibliographic chain, however, is that it was modelled in 1976 (by J.M Doyle and G.H Grimes) which would imply that it is fairly outdated with regards to how technological developments back would have influenced how information circulated.
This research report aims to explore how such a system can be altered and adapted with aid of recent developments in ICT to a more modern level which will aid the way we conduct research in business.
2. What is the Bibliographic Chain and what is its role in business?
The Bibliographic Chain is a process whereby information proceeds through an individual’s imagination/mind to its final resting place which may be in the format of an encyclopaedia summary [1]. The Bibliographic Chain contains eleven progressive links which consists of: knowledge within human resources; information created by institutions; documents that are currently being worked on; unpublished studies and findings; periodicals; reports and monographs; services (indexing and abstracting); bibliographic lists and essays/reports; yearly reviews and prolific reports, books and encyclopaedic summaries [5].
Some items of information are excluded from the entire bibliographic chain sequence. Many are simply integrated into other relevant topics which is the reason behind their absence. Only items with absolute relevance, validity, uniqueness and novelty value survive throughout their journey through the bibliographic chain. The main factor behind movement in the bibliographic chain is time. New information which is deemed as useful will still have to move in a chronological manner from the initial conception of the idea through the various stages until it reaches its ultimate end which would be in the archives/encyclopaedic summaries of a specific subject. [5]
The bibliographic chain consists of three phases.
Phase One represents the pieces of information from a more general perspective. This phase consists of: Human resources and Institutional resources. This is an indication that the information is residing within the individual or amongst a group of people. These resources would imply that they are still thoughts, observations, deductions, investigations, assumptions, and unplanned discoveries of individuals. [5]

Phase Two is an illustration of printed formats which consist of: documents that are currently being worked on, unpublished studies and findings, periodicals, reports and monographs, yearly reviews and prolific reports, books, encyclopaedic summaries. Each of these formats act as containers for the various collections of information that have moved...

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