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Modifying Genes: Yes Or No Essay

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What if you could change your eye color without having to buy coloured contacts? What if you could naturally have purple hair? It may sound crazy but there is a possible way for this to happen, it’s Genetic Modification. Genetic Modification is exactly what the examples suggest, it’s a process in which you can unnaturally change the genes you were born with. For a while, scientists have been debating whether or not gene modification in humans would be acceptable or not. Although I wouldn’t use it, I believe genetic modification should be considered acceptable. It should be accepted because it has the possibility to provide us with the opportunity to turn the tides of disease, provide individualism, and can create stronger, more better, humans.
Although we are very much different, genetic modification has been able to eliminate certain disease in plants. For example, potatoes are now being genetically modified to be immune to blight. Blight caused the great potato famine of the 1840’s in Ireland. (GMO Compass, Disease Resistance). More and more plants have become immune to certain things like pests and sickness. So, Why can’t we? Actually, we have already started a smaller scale of genetic modification towards covering the bad genes. Students at Oregon State University have created an antibiotic that is supposed to cover up certain bacterial genes. (Bloomquist, “Genetically Modifying Humans Via. Antibiotics: Something You Need To Know). Another great thing about genetics is that it could provide stronger humans. The idea coming from this is that we’d be better than what we already are. Not superhuman necessarily but able to do things to a higher capability than what we are currently. Today, genetic manipulation occurs for this very reason. Sometimes in sports, athletes with take a medication that enhances certain genes in order to complete certain races. This method of doping was made illegal because of the unfair advantage that it posed. (Simmons, “Genetic Inequality: Human Genetic Engineering”) However, what if that came back? We would be able to do many things we couldn’t do… multitask better and increase our intelligence, tons of things! This method of genetic doping has been tested in animals even and has given good results for different tests. With this, humans and animals can be improved greatly.
People like to provide the argument that genetic modification is unethical. Why do they consider it unethical? Well, because there isn’t a ‘necessary’ reason to have advancements. Another reason is that it is swaying from the natural course of life’s foundations. Some even believe we are trying to sway into the ways of Hitler with his ‘master race’ theory. The process of genetic modification varies and there are methods that aren’t controversial. One method of this genetic modification is referred to as ‘Sibling Saver’. With this, an embryo with damaged cells can have cells replaced by another embryo’s cells. With that action, this provides steps...

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