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Module 12 Essay

7469 words - 30 pages

 CHAPTER ONE- Understanding Organizational Behaviour (one hour)
 CHAPTER TWO- Effectiveness in organizations (one hour)
 CHAPTER THREE- Social systems and organizational culture (two hours)
1. Organizational Behaviour, Stephen P.Robbins, Timothi A.Judge and Seema Sanghi,
12th ed, Prentice Hall India
2. Organizational behaviour-Human behaviour at work by John W Newstrom, 12th
edition, McGrawHill
3. Organizational behavior and management by Ivancevich, Konopaske and Matteson -
7th edition, Tata McGrawHill
4. Organisational Behaviour by Steven L Mc Shane Mary Ann Von Glinow Radha R
Sharma Tata McGrawHill
5. Organizational behavior by Don Hellriegel; John W. Slocum; Richard W. Woodman-8th
edition, Thomson South-Western
Prepared By
Dr Susmita Mukhopadhyay
Assistant Professor, VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

Chapter One
Understanding Organizational Behaviour
 Understanding the meaning of Organizational behaviour
 Understanding the fundamental concepts connected with Organizational behaviour
 Understanding the basic approaches of Organizational behaviour
 Framing the study of Organizational behaviour
 Understanding the goals of organizational behaviour.
 Knowing the importance of Organizational behaviour for the managers.
Mintzberg (1973) identified ten separate roles in managerial work, each role defined as an organised
collection of behaviours belonging to an identifiable function or position. He separated these roles into
three subcategories: interpersonal contact, information processing and decision making.
Interpersonal contact
FIGUREHEAD: the manager performs ceremonial and symbolic duties as head of the organisation;
LEADER: fosters a proper work atmosphere and motivates and develops subordinates;
LIASION: develops and maintains a network of external contacts to gather information;
Information processing
MONITOR: gathers internal and external information relevant to the organisation;
DISSEMINATOR: transmits factual and value based information to subordinates;
SPOKESPERSON: communicates to the outside world on performance and policies.
Decision making
ENTREPRENEUR: designs and initiates change in the organisation;

DISTURBANCE HANDLER: deals with unexpected events and operational breakdowns;
RESOURCE ALLOCATOR: controls and authorises the use of organisational resources;
NEGOTIATOR: participates in negotiation activities with other organisations and individuals.
Mintzberg next analysed individual manager's use and mix of the ten roles according to the six work
related characteristics. He identified four clusters of independent variables: external, function related,
individual and situational. He concluded that eight role combinations were 'natural' configurations of
the job:
contact manager -- figurehead and liaison
political manager -- spokesperson...

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