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Module 7 Assignment Paper

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The views of justice of John Rawls share a lot in common with Karl Marx's philosophical theories. First off, Rawls rejects the utilitarian viewpoint when it comes to justice. While utilitarianism would see justice as what is for the general good of society, Rawls would see justice as what is for the general good of everyone equally. Rawls' view of justice also stems from his equal liberty principle, which suggests that every human should be entitle to equal liberties in a just society. Without this principle, in Rawls' eyes no society can be considered just. Henceforth Rawls' placed a large burden on the shoulders of the state when it comes to ensuring these equal liberties for individuals. Rawls also would see the redistribution of wealth as fair.
When it comes to the views of Robert Nozick on justice, Rawls and he share some points but differ on others. One major difference between Rawls and Nozick's views is Nozick's opinion on the distribution of wealth. According to Nozick, every individual is entitled to what they earn for themselves, as long as one or both of his requirements for fairness are satisfied. Nozick's two requirement's are, you are entitled to what you have if you have gained it justly, or you have gained it justly through transference. If neither of these two requirements are satisfied, then you are not entitled to what you have. Nozick acknowledged the fact that these requirements are unrealistic, clearly not every individual is justly entitled to what they own. Furthermore not every individual will have the same opinion about what is "just". Knowing this Nozick concedes that a truly just society, or utopia, is unattainable. Nozick thinks that if such a thing were to exist, it would be a conglomeration of utopias, not just one utopia for everyone. The documentary "The Fog of War", goes in depth into the mind and life of former Secrtary of Defense, Robert McNamara. McNamara was an important factor in the Cold War and also the Vietnam War. When reviewing this documentary in the light of St. Thomas Aquinas' requirements for a just war it is best to start at the beginning. At...

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