Module B Media Studies Importance To Esl Students Esl English Speech

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How many of us have internet at home, school or on your mobile? Is there anyone in this class who does not have any access to social media and news? No right? Our generation is the media and technology generations. We intertwine with mass media and this is the immutable truth. That’s why studying Module B, which is media studies, is very important for ESL students. Only then we can adjust ourselves to belong in our new land and understand our environment around us.

Module B will develop our language growth, allow us to see diversity within people and perspectives plus our own perspectives and will give us voice.

By reading, listening and watching the news, this will help students to strengthen their English skills. Statistics show that the fastest way of developing English skills is by reading the newspapers. If a word is not clear, anyone can access dictionaries which are in their own languages. Through easy access to dictionaries and newspapers, students are able to build their English skills in a fun and enjoyable way rather than sitting memorising words....

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