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Moe Pre University Scholarship Essay

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“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity,” said famed American education reformer Horace Mann during his time. Although these words were spoken over a century ago, they remain ingrained in my heart for as long as I can remember. My long-time perception about victory has been that our genuine character determines the triumphs that we clinch in life. One cannot dream oneself into a character; they must hammer and forge themselves into one. With this in mind, I believe that my character at present will enable me to achieve my dreams.
Every human being has a purpose to accomplish in life. A duty common to one and all would be to serve their nation. Each country nurtures and invests in their youth to produce an all-rounded future generation of leaders and learners. There have been constant reminders about this fact in my life and hence, it has inadvertently created a sense of deep-rooted gratitude within me. In 2011, I went to Jaipur, India on an Internationalisation trip with my classmates. There, we stayed at a private school where a myriad of facilities were available to the thousands of students living there. We marvelled at what they had to offer, but that was not the memory that was engraved upon my heart.
All one had to do was to cross a field and go down a flight of steps to tumble into a world seemingly miles away from the grandeur of the luxurious school. Beneath the school field, the ground was hollow. Within it was a scant girls’ school, equipped with meagre amenities yet encompassing children from the ages of 3 to 18. Each class was made up of only a wide threadbare mat and a blackboard. There wasn’t enough space to hold all classes within that dry, muddy hollow and hence, some classes had to be conducted under the sweltering sun.
I can still see the toothy smiles that bloomed on their face and hear the dulcet sounds of their joyous laughter as we played games. They took gargantuan pleasure in everything and in the end...

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