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Moisturizing Tips For Winter Time Essay

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Moisturizing Tips for Winter Time

The dry, cold air during winter can cause numerous skin problems such as dry and flaking skin thus taking care of it should be on your priority list. Everyone has different skin types thus it is essential that you consult a specialist or dermatologist when it comes to choosing the right product for you. Make sure that you always read the labels before purchasing any skin care product. Here are several skin care tips that can help you in keeping your skin healthy even during the winter:


Take note of the changes in your skin if any so that your dermatologist can assess if you need to replace your face moisturizer. Apply it after taking a bath or shower and again before bedtime. Body temperature elevated slightly during sleep making it easier for moisturizer to seep into the skin.
Use a gentle creamy cleanser that doesn’t dehydrate your skin unlike other cleansers. Always check the labels and steer clear from harsh detergents such as triclosan.
It is necessary to exfoliate the skin at least 2 to 3 times a week during winter. It helps in removing the dead layer of skin and burst cell renewal making new moisture-rich cells to surface.
If you don’t normally use an eye cream, maybe you should consider using it during the winter. Dry skin can make you more prone to showing fine lines and wrinkles thus putting an eye cream can help in plumping and smoothing the thin skin around the eyes.
Hydrating facial mask is usually used for drying caused by aging skin, but since skin dryness is common during winter, it can also benefit from facial masks’ moisturizing and anti-aging properties.


Changing your bathing routine can help in alleviating skin drying during winter. It’s best to take a few showers during the winter. Two or three baths a week is recommended and make it less than 10 minutes to avoid your skin’s natural oil from being stripped away by soap and hot water. Avoid using scalding hot water since it can draw out moisture from your skin, stick to lukewarm water instead. Dry off gently by patting your skin lightly using a towel to avoid damaging the healthy skin cells.
Skin can be damaged by using common household soap like deodorant soaps or those that contain heavy...

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