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Moll Flanders By: Daniel Defoe Book ReviewThe Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders written by Daniel Defoe, is a very attention-grabbing novel, because Defoe presents his novel as a struggle to live in a society. The female protagonist in the novel, Moll Flanders, went through a number of events in her life. She leaves behind the importance of woman's social stability and financial security. Flanders is born in Newgate and during her life, she was twelve years a whore, five times a Wife, and twelve year a thief. Through the novel, Defoe draws attention to hardships in providing an identity for women and exertion of an economic and social outlook on the eighteenth century through his realistic perspective.The title of the book The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders reveals the miserable experiences and apex on Moll's life in England, 1792. In the beginning, Moll is eight and resides at Colchester, in Essex. She desires to become gentlewoman, and be familiar with how to cook and sew. Before the story begins, it is revealed that her mother was convicted a felony or theft. This causes Moll to live in an isolated world and make her teach herself how to proper gentlewoman. The protagonist refers to Mrs. Betty when she is adopted by the mayor's household, treating her with victuals and shelter in return for housework. The older brother has a secret intimate relationship and offers money for his happiness. Moll is flattered by the amount of money in trade for love in bed. However, Mrs. Betty feels uncomfortable that the younger brother falls in love and proposes marriage. The elder brother is not jealous that Mrs. Betty is loved by two men, but paradoxically happy. After death upon her husband, she leaves her children with her in-laws and carries out prostitution to support her in society. Mrs. Betty identifies her self as a widow and wanders for a second husband in France.In London, she meets a tradesman and is successful in making him think that she has money. Moreover, his spending convinced Moll that he was a wealthy aristocrat. Years after her marriage she is disappointed that her husband is arrested for debt. Moll steals everything that was claimed to be her husband's and moved to Mint in hopes for finding another wealthy man. Moll then moves to Virginia, and is truly embarrassed during her stay there, because for eight years, she gives birth to two children, and one that was on its way, to whose father was her brother. Over the course of her aging years, Moll is left with very little money to spend. It is apparent that Moll represents money when she encounters a bank worker. The bank worker reveals how Moll is associated with wealth, by defining the importance of reserving the rest of what she has of her wealth. Moll never fully satisfies herself, because she marries two more times and conceives children. The act of robbery gradually spells out the hardship and dishonesty Moll acquires from her experiences. Also,...

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1219 words - 5 pages was put under the care of public charity, where she was taught how to be a women by a nurse, “she bred them up very religiously, being herself a very sober, pious woman, very house – wifely and clean, and very mannerly, and with good behavior” (Defoe 5). The nurse raised her orphan girls to be women that could be married. Being born with no advantages, like Moll Flanders, needed every advantage that they could get. She needed to have the skills

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1418 words - 6 pages picturing it if I was Moll, I would not get married if I don’t love that guy. But why Moll keep marrying those guys that she is not that interested in? Now those innocent children are put in misery, they are going to grow up without their mother’s love. By reading a research paper which is David Blewett’s article “Changing Attitudes toward Marriage in the Time of Defoe: The Case of Moll Flanders”. Blewett brought out a major question in the

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1342 words - 5 pages , only Moll Flanders has a female protagonist. Both novels deal with a real person stuck in a difficult situation with only their own wit to survive the harsh conditions. By 1920s Defoe stopped producing any kind of political pamphlets or literature, perhaps he became tired of creating enemies and rivals. He however kept on writing novels and in 1724-27 published 3 volume historical guide book; A Tour Thro the Whole Island of Great Britain

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1024 words - 5 pages ” (Woolf 41). Lily does not understand how a smart man cannot have confidence in himself. Moll Flanders always tries to evoke the emotion of pity in her audience. Moll has no guilt for her actions because she feels they are not through her own fault. “Let them remember that a time of distress is a time of dreadful temptation” (Defoe 209). This explanation makes it sounds as if Moll has no other alternative to stealing. The temptation was undeniable

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1284 words - 6 pages ultimately become a better man that you ever were or ever would have been. Second, another very intriguing story that shows self-realization in prison is Moll Flanders. Moll Flanders is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published in 1722. The novel follows the exciting life of the main character Moll from birth until old age. In the story, there is a prison known as Newgate that is one of the most talked about locations in the entire novel. In the story

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1283 words - 5 pages love and romance.I had been tricked once by that cheat called love, but the game was over; I was resolved now to be married or nothing, and to be well married or not at all (Defoe 52).Moll was very optimisitc and romantic during her younger years, but many dissapointments led her to become a satirist and cynical person. She learned through these expeirnces that she needed to look out for herself and only herself. She was constantly creating

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