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Crouched down behind a square column on the porch of a once stately late-Victorian frame home, now shelter for squatters, Lew was watching for Molly. Molly is an unassuming yet attractive young woman who makes her living dancing at a local ‘gentleman’s’ club called the Lucky Lady. She lives in a second floor apartment of The Reitz Home, a run down Gothic Revival house that has been split into six apartments. Lew lives in the apartment next door.

Lew, a part time adjunct art instructor of about thirty years old hasn’t painted since graduate school. Making scantly enough to pay $300 in rent and buy food. When he’s not teaching he sleeps all day, watches old movies and plays video games all night. He’s been intrigued by Molly since he moved in two years ago.

“She doesn’t look like a stripper,” he said to a friend.

Lew had only seen her dressed in drab over sized sweat pants, jeans and t-shirts. Her general attire, dirty blond hair with a pixie cut and no makeup made her appear androgenous. Not like any stripper he had seen in the movies.

Molly usually arrived home at 3:15 in the morning and then would leave her apartment again at 5:00am. He is always aware of Molly’s comings and goings due to the creaking of the stairs.

“What sort of business does a stripper have at 5:00am?” He wondered.

Even though they lived on the same floor and shared the stairs they hadn’t run into each other but a few times. The first meeting went something like this.

“Hey, I’m Lew.”

“I’m Molly.”

“How long have you lived here?”

“Five years.”

“Have the stairs always been like this?”

“Yep.” As she opened her door and walked in without saying another word.

When they passed on the stairs Lew always tried to strike up a conversation but Molly would respond with a superficial greeting and a polite smile.

Out of curiosity Lew decided to go to the Lucky Lady. The club was dimly lit giving an intimate atmosphere. It also adds to the fantasy of the girls as it hides any flaw they might have. Peaches is on stage in pink see through lingerie with a perfectly toned body. The lingerie exposed more skin than anything but it was enough to cover unmentionables.

Introduced as Jasmine, Molly took the stage dressed in a black bustier and spiked heels making her appear six feet tall. Wearing a Liza Minnelli wig made her look racy. Though she dressed the part there was still a shyness about her. However, she quickly adopted a seductive posture, smiling and winking at all the men. Her dancing is restrained by a single prop; that of a solitary chair. She takes of her gloves as Rita Hayworth in Gilda. The men watching her, isolated and sad, were easily seduced. Though her body called out to men with it’s sensuous curves and soft skin that begged to be touched, her eyes told a different story - one of sadness and loss.

Lew, increasingly interested in Molly, began to watch her more closely. After returning home from the Lucky Lady she would leave...

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