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Molly Moon's "Incredible Book Of Hypnotism"

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Molly Moon's "Incredible book of Hypnotism" is a fantastic book. It's about a girl who goes to the library and finds a book called Hypnotism by Doctor H. Login. She opens the book to find out that it is called Hypnotism by Doctor H. Login. The first letter of the cover was missing. So were chapters 6 How to Hypnotize a Crowd and 7 Hypnotizing Using the Voice Alone! She takes the book and finds out that a person called Professor Nockman is dieing to get that book in his hands.The girl's name is Molly Moon and she lives in a place called Hardwick House Orphanage. She has a mean head mistress called Miss Adderstone and almost every person there hates here except for her best friend Rocky. They were found at the same time and at the same age. She finds out that she has a good skill at hypnotism and that in time she learns how to hypnotize animals and humans.She finds out how to hypnotize Miss. Adderstone's dog Petula. Petula is a black pug that is very spoiled and mean. Molly hypnotizes her and finds out that she is mean because she has a stomach ach and has eaten too many cookies. Molly Hypnotizes her to make her not eat cookies and to be nice to her. So when she mastered that she hypnotizes the cook so that she is nice to Molly and stands up for her.So when everything starts to get better she finds out that Rocky moved to New York because he was adapted! Molly then goes to the talent show and hypnotizes the crowed to choose her to win. The prize...

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