Molotov Cocktails And Flares In Ukraine

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The crisis in Ukraine has been ongoing since late 2013 up until now and has been headlines on global news for months due to the enormity of the current state of affairs in Ukraine. Most Malaysians disregard Ukraine's crisis because it deems to be irrelevant to our country. Though, Ukraine is 8257. 67 kilometres away from Malaysia, the predicament in Ukraine is on a global scale, and can have an effect on anyone's country.

First of all, what is Ukraine? Long story short, Ukraine is an Eastern European Country with roughly the size of Texas and populated with 45 million people. Before Ukraine broke away from Soviet Union in 1991, it was called 'The Ukraine' meaning 'Borderland' due to the fact that Ukraine is wedged between Europe on the West and Russia on the East. Hence, Ukraine has long been torn between these two which led to an identity crisis. The Russians have spent two and a half century trying to make Ukraine more Russian because Russians have this perception that Ukraine is a part of Russia. On the West part of Ukraine, the Ukrainians converse in Native Ukrainian and perceived as more European. But on the East side, the Ukrainians speak mostly Russian and see themselves as a part of a Russian heritage.

The Ukraine crisis started when the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych unanticipatedly refused to sign a treaty with European Union that had been in the works for years. The treaty would open up European Union market to Ukrainian companies and would boost Ukraine's economy since the economy is suffering and so are the people. This has caused an outrage among the society, up to the point of protesting in public buildings and the main streets of Ukraine, despite the police violent crackdowns. The Ukrainians want their demand to be met, which is for the government and Yanukovych to leave the office. Yanukovych explained his rash decision by stating that if Ukraine were to sign a treaty with European Union, they would lose trade ties with Russia, and Ukraine cannot afford that. Russia on the other hand threatened to impose 'gas bills' if Ukraine were to sign the treaty with European Union.

After a month of protests, Russian president, Vladimir Putin decided to intervene by "lifting" the burden off of Ukraine's long debt by financing Ukraine with $15 billion no-strings attached loan. The people of Ukraine felt as if Yanukovych was selling their country to the Russian overlords and the protests got more aggravated. By mid January this year, Yanukovych...

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