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What was the overall business model for MMT from 1989 to 1995?MMT was the product of a bright scientist from MIT (Christopher Nagel) and a savvy and successful businessman from Harvard (William Haney). MMT entered the waste management market during a time of increasing regulatory oversight, intense industry competition, and heightened interest in environmental solutions. Armed with a technology it argued to be the most innovative of its class and able to go beyond the traditional paradigm of stabilization or simple destruction, MMT set off to capture waste management opportunities. MMT promoted its CEP technology on its regulatory and environmental merits, claiming that it avoided the environmental pitfalls of incinerating and landfilling waste, while also sheltering MMT and the end users from regulatory oversight due to the recycling nature of the process.The company had also been aggressive in its external relations with both government and industry. Haney, with the assistance of Washington lobbyist Peter Knight, had been successful in gaining the attention of government officials all the way to Vice President Gore. The company also successfully leveraged its relationships with industry giants such as Lockheed Martin, Rollins, Fluor Daniel, Westinghouse SEG, Hoescht Celanese, and DuPont to establish its three commercial start-ups: two in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (M4 Environmental LP/Commerce Park and MMT Tennessee/Bear Creek Road), and one in Bay City, Texas with Hoechst. These strategic elements created media attention and investor enthusiasm that drove the stock price up roughly 100% through the year 1995.What were the challenges and uncertainties/risks facing commercialization in 1995?What will you do in case of being Bill Haney or...

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1756 words - 7 pages steel frames of the buildings to give way and implode, falling to the ground into dust (Shafquat). Internal fires take on the responsibility of the official story, though others believe controlled demolition is to blame. Some evidence that debates these two explanations of how the steel towers fell are: the way the buildings collapsed, the properties of steel, and the evidence of molten metal. There have been suspicions surrounding how the

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3261 words - 13 pages Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)OperationOne reason for the wide acceptance of the SMAW process is the simplicity of the operation of the machine and the necessary equipment. Welding is performed with the heat of an electric arc that is maintained between the end of a coated metal electrode and the work piece (See Figure 1). The heat produced by the arc melts the base metal, the electrode core rod, and the coating. As the molten metal droplets

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1665 words - 7 pages wanted, “the battery all liquid -- liquid metals for both electrodes and a molten salt for the electrolyte...low-density liquid metal at the top, a high-density liquid metal at the bottom, and molten salt in between.” (1) However, the problem Sadoway encountered was the choice of metals. He needed a pair of metals that were earth abundant, highly reactivity, and were opposite in densities. Sadoway turned to the periodic table of elements for

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1484 words - 6 pages The Molten Core Theory The center of the Earth is composed of a solid metallic core surrounded by a molten layer of liquid metal. This paper will discuss the reasons to believe the theory that the Earth has a molten core, and the important discoveries that have led to this generally accepted theory. It is very reasonable to agree with this theory when paying credence to the logical evidence that answers questions about the Earth’s

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1793 words - 7 pages . Iron Reaction: Light reaction. Became a glowing red. Turned into a molten state. Reaction: Light reaction. Became a glowing red. Turned into a molten state. Discussion:The results from this experiment display the different speed and strength of reactions in the metals that were tested. The most reactive to least reactive areCalciumMagnesiumZincCopperIronJustification:The most reactive metal was Calcium. This is proven because it had

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1883 words - 8 pages within the mould. A riser is an extra void created in the mould to contain excessive molten material. The purpose of this is feed the molten metal to the mould cavity as the molten metal solidifies and shrinks, and thereby prevents voids in the main casting. In a two-part mould, which is typical of sand castings, the upper half, including the top half of the pattern, flask, and core is called cope and the lower half is called drag. The parting line

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705 words - 3 pages by a process called electrolysis. But, for all to decompose, they have to be in a molten state. During the decomposition, the compound breaks to form ions. These ions are then attracted to either the cathode ( the negative electrode) or the anode (the positive electrode) depending on their charges. Metals and Hydrogen always form positive ions, and the non-metal will always form a negative ion. The electrodes are made of an inert material such as

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1138 words - 5 pages applied by an application of zinc coating. Tern plating is a steel sheet with a coating of tern metal which is an alloy of led and tin. This is applied by dipping the steel into molten metal. An example of what you would use tern plating for would be roofing, gutters, gas tanks, oil cans, etc.. Another way to protect metal is plating. Plating is the coating of metal or other material such as plastic or china, with a hard, nonporous, metallic surface


707 words - 3 pages it withstand high temperatures and preventing the mold from melting/breaking when in contact which molten metal. Then the base core travels down through a moving belt in an assembly line to receive other cores, the next core molds the engine blocks cylinder holes which will house the motors pistons, then a robot inserts iron liners into six holes of the core ,these iron liners prevent the aluminum walls of the holes from wearing out due to

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