John Irving's The World According To Garp

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John Irving’s novel, The World According to Garp, is the story of T. S. Garp (Garp) and his mother Jenny Fields is told. Jenny Fields was the daughter of wealthy parents in Dog Heads Harbor, New Hampshire. Jenny was a woman that hated to do things the conventional way. Because of the way Jenny raised Garp, and the unconventional things that she did in society, Jenny was ultimately responsible for Garp’s Death.
Jenny fields was expected to go to college like all of the other affluent young women in those days. Wellesley was the college that had been suggested by her brothers because “Wellesley women were not thought of loosely and were considered high in marriage potential” (Irving 3). Jenny reluctantly went to Wellesley, but felt like she was put on display for marriage and to be the perfect wife and mother. This was something that Jenny Fields couldn’t understand.
Because Jenny hated the idea of being on display she changed from becoming an English major to becoming a nurse. She felt like becoming a nurse was something she could do right away. Because of the soldiers and men that she met at the hospital, she came to the ultimate conclusion that compromising yourself with them they might be happy to see you again. Jenny ultimately decided that men were “full of the self-importance of college boys and… stopped having anything to do with men” (Irving 4).
As a result of Jenny becoming a nurse she heard a lot of jokes that were about male genitals. She found this to be revolting because she learned about all of the things that genitals could create, most of which disgusted her. She felt like men were just not useful for anything good except maybe being a sperm donor. After working in the hospital nursery for some time she decided that she wanted to have a child of her own.
Consequently she was moved from the nursery because Jenny was too vocal about wanting a baby but not a man. She ended up working in the intensive care unit. There she took care of an airman that had half of his brain blown out while on a mission over France. After Technical Sargent Garp was injured he could only say Garp; kind of like a little child speaking his first words. Because it was a brain injury he played with himself all of the time to the point of ejaculation. This seemed to be what kept him happy most of the time. He came to Jenny with bandaged hands because of a fire on the ship before reaching the hospital where Jenny was. Technical Sargent Garp was sleeping one night after many days of frustration and depression because he wasn’t able to relieve the only thing that made him happy. Jenny figured that this was a way to become pregnant and not have to have any real relations with a man since Technical Sargent Garp would soon be dead from his brain injury. So she had her unfeeling way with him that she knew would end up in pregnancy.
Because Jenny was pregnant and unmarried she was fired from her job at the hospital. She went home to live with her parents until she...

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