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In today’s society we are aware of many people that have done great things and set commendable examples of being righteous but so often the person closest to us is only noticed from a far. A mother is the person who gives you life even after she has given birth and she can be the greatest role model in our lives. “Young people have a range of role models, and particular
reasons for choosing them. Many look to close relatives for their role models (Bricheno, P. &
Thornton, M. and M.).” In the article, The Role of Religion in the Lives of Resilient, Urban,
African American, Single Mothers by Anne E. Brodsky, there are many examples of young
Mothers’ proving that even thru adversity and pain the power of a strong belief in faith and
religion that a mother can be a positive role model in the life’s of their children.
My Mom, Barbara, was born in New York and was raised by her Mother and Father and
at fifteen they moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from high school and continued on to
Arizona State University. During her college years she started to explore the differences and
beliefs of many people she met through clubs and organizations. She met my father and together
created the strong Judaic family values my mother possesses today. My Mom is a perfect
example of a role model by teaching and setting examples with wisdom and strong world views.
Over the course of my life there have been some very difficult times. As a child I was faced with many obstacles with childhood bullying. My role model become very apparent when I came home and talked to my Mom about problems I faced on a daily basis. As a parent, I would have been irate and unable to control my emotions if I had heard of these horrific things being done to my child. The control my Mom possessed and the words of wisdom she had given me demonstrated a view that I would have never considered. She spoke to me with a calmness and understanding that could only be explained by the power of her spirit and belief in humanity.
My religious upbringing was in...

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