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Parents And Kids Relationships Essay

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By: Jennier E-mail: PARENTS AND KIDS RELATIONSHIPS "October Sky" by Joe Johnston and "Every Day Use" by Alice Walker's stories deal with parents and kids relationships. John Hickam and a middle-aged woman are parents who find themselves choosing between both of their kids. Dee and Jim are the strongest kids of the family who've followed their parents' expectations. Homer and Maggie are very different from their brother and sister. They have very different goals compare to their brothers and sisters. As consequence their relationship with their parents experience obstacles and conflicts. As readers we capture the distinctions that this parents have between their kids. They treat them differently. The theme that stands the most is based on the relationship between parents and children. John and Walker have learned to accept their kids and the differences that create a different out come from the begging of the story until the end. Hickam and Walker faced conflicts and gained their parents respects by changing their static relationship into dynamic acceptance between them. Homer devotion to rockets and differences between his brothers does not follow his dad's expectations creating conflicts between them and static their relationship as father and son. In "October Sky", the story takes place at a West Virginia mining town during the 1950's. People could only survive working in coalmines. John is a mine superintendent and fully expects Homer to follow his footsteps. He demonstrates to him how much he wants him to become a coal minter and says " homer I was born for this, and I shouldn't be surprise you were to." This creates conflict with his dream of becoming a Rocket Scientists. By winning the science project he would be able to gain a scholarship and becoming a rocket scientist. He follows his dream over passing the problems like when he's arrested for flying his rockets. This makes his father say something he's never said before. In this scene he shows how bad he felt about his son and says, "Homer I've been confuse about you, I've been mad at you, but boy that is the fist time I'm shame of you I in my life." Other contradiction for his father is the different accomplishment from his brother Jim. He succeeds as a football player by winning a scholarship. This is something that for his father's eyes puts Homer in a disadvantage. This passage is reflected when he's at his office and says "Were shouting off a rocket today, I though you might like to come and see it?" John replays, "I got to catch up on some work." Then Homer looks straight at him and says, "how come you never have work when Jim plays football, you never miss a game?" Maggie has an insecure personality very different from her mother showing a conflict and maintaining a static relationship with her mother. In "Every Day Use" it's a story narrated by a woman who describes her self as "a large, big-boned woman with rough, woman-working hands." She has enjoyed...

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