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Parents Responsibility On Childrens Actions Essay

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Argument Intro. & Working thesis Assignment

It needs to start with the Parents taking responsibility!
Parents need to take responsibility for their child’s action. Parents need to stop caring what others are going to think if their child needs mental health care. They cannot put the blame and responsibility on the mental healthcare professionals. They should not expect it, to be up to the mental healthcare system to discipline their children. Teen suicide is a problem everywhere, not just in schools or small towns or just those kids with problems or one parent households.
Some people say that teens have more pressure these days with trying to get good grades get into a good college or stay on the Football Team because that’s what dad wants. Teens may see suicide as a way out or to pay back their parents. Some say teen suicide is up because of the violence in the media, this is ridiculous. Violence is going to happen anywhere, this is not going to make a teen commit suicide. Bullying at school may led to suicide because the teen feels that the school is not going to help and the parent is not home, and they have no other way out (or they think they have no other way out).
Parents cannot just go to a psychiatrist once and think that they will just get a good talking to and someone else to tell them that they are not depressed and nothing is wrong. In Quindlen essay where she uses a reference that healthcare professional didn’t do enough or an exam done by a “psychiatrist that only lasted as long as it takes to eat a McDonalds Meal.” (6) The parent need to step up and want more done it there is a problem. I think that this theory is that most want to blame the government, the healthcare system, because of the changing the system, all the hype you hear about kids getting prescriptions to antidepressants or some cultural layers that influence the psychological statement of the child. A parent needs to be there for their kids and insist that they get more than a talking to, more than just one visit, even a second opinion.
I think it is important for a school, program, professional or parent to recognize the difference between a troubled teen and a teen with a learning disability. Quindlens essay she says; “Teachers are not trained to recognize mental illness, and some dismiss it, “”Bad Seed”” fashion, as bad behavior”. (9) I agree with her here take my kids for example are; on the autism spectrum and the schools do not have a program for kids that just need social skills, which is a big part of school and public interaction. More training and programs would help to recognize sign of a troubled teen and act accordingly.
I think if parents tried...

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