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Parents' Unconditional Guidance Essay

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"It seems to me that if a child's hero is their mother or father--or even better, both of them in tandem--then the rough road of learning and experience is going to be smoothed some. And every little bit of smoothing helps, in this rough old world that wants children to be miniature adults, devoid of charm and magic and the beauty of innocence" (McCammon, 566).The definition of a parent, obtained from Webster's New World Dictionary, simply, yet precisely, states "a person who brings up and cares for another." It is a rather broad meaning of what a parent is, and what a parent does, seeing as how there are more ways than one to "care for another." Parents are there to give their love, they're there to heal our boo-boos, they're there to discipline us; but most importantly, they're there to help us understand the many complex situations that life presents us with and offer their guidance throughout our tough, perplexing growing stages of existence. In their own ways, they aid us in comprehending the world "out there," the world that we, as youngsters, haven't had the chance to explore yet. It is the world that is full of inhuman, imperfect and difficult things, the world that is opposed to that perfect, untainted and carefree planet we, as innocent children, had always thought we lived in.All through the many adventures of Boy's Life, Cory faces so many instances of "cruelty, callousness, utter disregard and disrespect for fellow human beings" (470). Throughout his journey though, both of his parents lead as perfect examples, subtly teaching him to respect anyone and everyone, and to accept and to deal with the pain around him. When no one else had helped Nila Castile with her sickly father during the night of the huge flood sweeping through Bruton, Rebecca went out...

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