Monarchial Governments Forcing Their Subjects To A Harsh And Oppressive Doctrine Of Divine Order

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Monarchial Governments Forcing their Subjects to a Harsh and Oppressive Doctrine of Divine Order

Man knows no Master save creating HEAVEN, Or those whom Choice and common
Good ordain. Thomson. Throughout the course of human civilization, monarchial
governments have reigned supreme, commonly forcing their particular subjects to
subscribe to a harsh and oppressive doctrine of "divine" order. From the ancient and
rather fruitful ruling of King Tutankhamun, to the unbearable monarchs witnessed
throughout Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages, this powerful presence of kings and
queens has made a lasting impression on their empire's current customs and traditions.
Consequently, the impact made on the British Colonies in North America by England's
ruthless leaders during the eighteenth century have come to epitomize this notion of
imperial rule. However, as The Crown and his governors continually subjected the
colonists to numerous and unjustified decrees of tyranny, countless Americans came to
realize that independence from England was to be their only savior. While numerous
rebellions and riots broke out due to colonial disgust with the mother country, others used
various forms of media to voice their opposition towards King William and his
totalitarian dogma. Thomas Paine, an English born reformist, sensed these injustices and
evils of monarchy thus prompting him to draft one of the most revolutionary pieces of
American literature, Common Sense. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the term
common sense "…designates the sum of original principles found in all normal minds
and the ability to judge and reason in accordance with those principles."
Commensurately, when Paine adopted this title for his work, he believed he was speaking
on behalf of all of the "normal minds" in the colonies that were being subjugated to the
King's tyrannical rule. In addition, he understood the phrase common sense to be an
appropriate and applicable term dealing with the "original principles" these men and
women fostered as well as their "ability to judge and reason" within this ideology.
Through his writing, Paine desperately hoped to prove to his fellow man that common
sense was the only entity needed in order to recognize and correct the social atrocities
infringed upon them on a daily basis. The most common of these "original principles"
would most likely be the colonial attitude towards specific religious convictions. During
the mid to late eighteenth century, widespread religious knowledge and practice formed
many of the social bonds manifested by the early colonists. In Common Sense, Paine
inserted into much of his text an explanation as to why absolute monarchy should not be
tolerated. For instance, he asserts that hereditary succession, as seen in England's royal
government, cannot be permitted due to the laws of god and nature. "For all men...

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