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CaraMaria P. Cara CervillaProf. EvansEnglish 10122 September 2014SUBSISTENCE OF MONARCHIESAt present, especially in recent years, the global population appears to have begun to question the legitimacy of their leaders in power and the suitability of their government systems. What began in 2010 with the Arab Spring in the Arab countries of North Africa, soon spread through the rest of Africa and Middle East and influenced the rest of the Western world ("Arab Spring").. Not only dictatorships and absolute monarchies lacking democracy have been affected by the protests, also democratic governments - such as those with constitutional/ parliamentary monarchies as Spain - have been subject of debate. Monarchies were once the most common form of government in the world; however, at present, they are considered obsolete and are sentenced to disappear in favor of the Republics, as the ongoing Republic-Monarchy discussions reflects.Before further argumentation, it is necessary to understand what a monarchy is and the different types existent nowadays. A monarchy can be defined as a form of government in which sovereignty is held by a single person, for life and designed in a hereditary order. ("Monarchy"). However, in some cases, it can be done in a elective1 form. In one hand are the absolute monarchies, regimens where the monarch have the absolute government power and has no or few restrains in state and political matters. In the other hand, are the most common types of monarchy in the occidental world: Constitutional and parliamentarian monarchies. These are a form of democratic government in which, the monarch, still maintaining his position as sovereign, have limited or merely symbolic powers within the boundaries of a constitution. The executive power is exercised by the government in the monarch's name, leaded by a primer minister or a president ("Constitutional Monarchies").In the first place, I find absolute monarchies as obsoletes due to his lack of democracy and disadvantages compared to others systems. It is because of the need of democracy or certain abusive behaviors against citizen's rights, that they don't fit anymore in modern societies and they will keep disappearing in favor of more popular systems, such as republics. Societies nowadays are more aware of inequalities and consequently, people is willing to change the "unjust" systems and participate in decision that affect them.In discussions about absolute monarchies, one controversial issue has been the number of strengths that have compared to others forms of government. First, the concentration of power in the hands of a single person supposes that the decisions can be reached quickly compared to a democratic debate. Second, the monarchy provides a point of assembly for the populace and focus for patriotism. Finally, the transfer of powers is made in a orderly form and ensure continuity because of the clearly-defined rules of succession (Holloway).In the other hand, most social and...

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