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Money Essay

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MengerPhyllis MengerDr. Mary KaiserEnglish 10227 October 2014All About MoneyThe recurring theme that runs throughout A Doll House is the money, and how it shapes people's lives. A Doll House was written by Henrik Ibsen in 1879. It is a three-act play set in the Helmer's middle class living room during a Victorian Christmas in Norway. The plot involves Nora, the main character, being treated like a doll by her husband Torvald. She takes a loan which her husband doesn't know about in order for her to take him on a trip to get well. She forges her father's name on the loan paper and is discovered by Nils Krogstad. Nora's husband finds Krogstad immoral and wants to fire him. To keep his job, Krogstad blackmails Nora to not only to keep his job but to get a promotion to a higher position. Mrs. Linde, an old friend of Nora and the past lover of Krogstad, comes to town to find work which she obtains from Torvald and eventually resumes her relationship with Krogstad. In the end, after receiving a letter from Krogstad, Torvald loses his temper causing Nora to re-assess her marriage and decide that she must leave to venture out and discover herself. Throughout this play, money is a main factor which causes each character to make a decision that changes their lives.Nora, who is falsely accused of spending money unwisely, is actually paying off a secret loanMenger 2which saves her husband's life. "A Marxist Approach to A Doll House" written by Barry Witham and John Lutterbie, two authors who use a Marxist approach to teach A Doll House to their drama class, describe Nora, " (1) Nora is enslaved by Torvald in economic terms and (2) she equates personal freedom from the acquisition of wealth." (Witham and Lutterbie 1784). In Act 1, Nora enters the room after she has been shopping for Christmas packages for her family. After revealing the contents of the packages to her husband, he calls her a spendthrift and accuses her of wasting money. She wants to enjoy Christmas by borrowing money for extra gifts. He objects but gives her money after she pouts like a doll child. Nora is asking for money for her Christmas present which she will secretly use to pay the loan. Also in Act I, Nora reveals to Mrs. Linde the reason for borrowing the money and how she is repaying it. She explains how she worked at odd jobs during the previous Christmas and skims money out of her house allowance while at the same time, being afraid that her husband will find out that she has acquired the loan without his permission and forged her father's signature. In Act I in the Helmer's middle class living room, Nora is sitting in a rocking chair while Mrs. Linde is getting cozy in an easy chair. Nora is "chattering away". (Ibsen 1731). Nora is expressing to her that it is going to be delightful to have bundles of money. When her husband obtained his new position as bank manager, he will bring in "stacks and stacks of money". (Ibsen 1732). Mrs. Linde smiles and responds to Nora, "Nora, aren't...

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