Money Can’t Buy You Happiness Year 11 Persuasive Essay

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The relationship between money and happiness is one of the most interesting and the most complicated words to define. It is tough to say whether or not money can buy happiness because either way; everyone has their own way of measuring happiness and money. Money cannot buy happiness because happiness is a feeling that humans find within their own selves. Happiness through money can take the form of winning lotteries and purchasing materialistic items and while some exhaust themselves just to provide for their basic necessities, others who possess wealth merely demand more.
To begin with, think about the people who buy lottery tickets every day for just having that small percentage of winning a few millions of dollars to make their lives easier or richer. However, every day, just before the last Powerball jackpot is called out, lottery tickets are snapped up by a rate of approximately 130,000 a minute; and before people place all their hopes and dreams on their tickets, they should have had considered that all the evidence suggests a big payout won’t make much of a difference in the end. There was a famous study stating that people who had a big win on the lottery ended up no happier than the people who didn’t. It seems that as long as people can afford to avoid the basic desolations of life, having loads of spare cash won’t be any happier than having very little. For example, assume that a lottery winner adapts to their new level of wealth, and simply adjusts back to the baseline level of happiness; it states that our happiness depends on how they feel relative to their peers. If they win the lottery, they may feel richer than those around them, and think that moving to a mansion in a new neighborhood would make them happier. But then they look out of the window and realize that all their new friends live in bigger mansions than them.
Secondly, let’s rewind back fifty to sixty years ago, the real incomes in the countries such as UK or USA have increased dramatically, but our happiness has not kept swiftly. In fact, people today are considered less happy than back then; we had less time and were more alone and stressed by the environment surrounding us. Although the economists focus on absolute size of salaries, several sociological studies have found that the effect of money on happiness results less from the things that money can buy the “absolute income effect” than from comparing one’s income to that of others. This is an important part of the explanation as to why people today are no happier than people fifty to sixty...

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