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Money, Drugs, Gambling, And Baseball Essay

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A magnificent pastime of our nation has been stricken with a terrible cancer. Baseball, a game immortalized by children, treasured by families, and adored by many others, is suffering from a great wound. The infection not only damages the athletes of the sport but corrupts the name of the sport and the people who follow it. The excessive use of cheating is destroying the game of baseball.Throughout the Twentieth Century, the national interest of America's pastime remained immense. From the day that Babe Ruth set the all time home run record to the day that Roger Maris knocked in sixty-one to break it, interest in baseball remained steady. From the day that Jackie Robinson was called up to play in the majors to the day that Cal Ripken, Jr., set the all-time consecutive games record, interest in baseball had remained steady. America, for generations, has joined together to enjoy memorable, sunny afternoons at the ballpark. The scent of hot dogs and cheese fries, the eruption of a large crowd, the crack of a wooden bat, and the smacking of a catcher's mitt are all little treasures that have lasted through the ages. Cheating in the game of baseball threatens the destruction of it all.A cheating culture has always existed in baseball. Many hall of fame players and champion teams are guilty of the crime. It is done for advantage, giving the player or teams any possible leg up in competition. Whether if it is an MVP injecting a steroid as Canseco, Caminetti and Giambi did, scuffing or spitting a ball as hall of fame players, as Perry and Fingers did, corking a bat as home run slugger, Sammy Sosa did, using too much pine tar as 3,000 career hits, George Brett did, taking Andro and hitting 70 home runs in a season as Mark McGwire did, using cocaine before games as the 1970's Pittsburgh Pirates did, throwing a World Series as the 1919 White Sox and Shoeless Joe Jackson did, betting on Baseball as Pete Rose did, or using amphetamines for energy as Mays and Aaron did, cheating in baseball comes in many different forms.(Dobkowski) Three of the most common forms of cheating include gambling, using drug supplements, and the fixing of competitive balance among teams.Gambling in baseball is just as bad as fixing the outcome of a game. When an employee of baseball bets any sum of money on anything that directly relates to the sport itself, he or she is in violation of breaking the rules. Major League Rule 21 states, "Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible."(M.L.B.) Even with Rule 21 clearly stated, many employees of the sport have sought to jeopardize their entire careers by seeking a quick fix of easy money on the side. The gap of time between the late nineteenth century and the present day is filled with countless scandals that involve the evils of gambling. Betting on baseball challenges...


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