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Money In Morocco. Essay

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Money in MoroccoAfter reading the article Money and Seduction written by Raymonde Carroll, I found that money is always mentioned during Americans conversations. This means that money is an important issue for Americans as it is for other societies but in other situations. Nowadays, we notice that money controls people's relationships; it has also become a scale to determine the importance of the person in Moroccan society. In this essay, I will talk about money in Moroccan society and how it works in some fields. Money is used to attempt basic needs as a way of corruption; money is also the main factor behind the strange phenomenon of bargaining.Money is used to attempt basic needs as a way of corruption. We notice that corruption has become normal phenomenon in the Moroccan society. People who work in governmental services have become drugged to money. You can not have a necessary paper even if you pay the regulations like the timbers or the taxes. You have to pay for the responsible of the service or you should know someone who can serve as an intermediate. For the Moroccan, this phenomenon has become a habit applied by almost everyone. They know that it is not fair, but they find it an easy way to make the procedure of their interests more quickly. Even the poor pay this amount of money because they know that their concernments won't be realized without paying. On the other hand, the employees consider this money as their right and become very severe in collecting it.This phenomenon has been transmitted to a lot of sector, one of them is health. We notice that people pay for better service in hospitals even if they are public ones. For example, when you enter to public hospital, you find that people are waiting for their role in order to see the doctor; but when someone gives money to the nurse, she lets him enter before the other. I have also lived another situation where money works a lot. I had a personal experience with a police man which happened in this last vacation. I was driving my mother car and I committed a fault. A police man arrested me; his first question was about the job of my father. When I told him, he told me that he knows him and asked just to give ten dirhams for café. Corruption has also affected educational system but in another way. Teachers obliged their...

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