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Money Is Only A Tool In One's Life

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Money Is Only a Tool in One’s Life
Money has a big impact on the quality of life because a person is possibly manipulated by the material world. Money is a known predator, which cons unsuspecting people into trusting it to exploit the weakness in their hearts. Anyone who cannot control his/her own greed will eventually fall under its charm and will hardly be able to live on without it. However, while it is true that money makes the world go round, being too dependent on it will not lead anywhere. Generally, money is only a tool rather than a purpose in life because the corrupting influence of money can detract from quality of life by promoting the false idea of how money can create a ...view middle of the document...

People should know that money does not influence their quality of life. The point I want to make is that people should not let the world define their quality of life based on what the world shows them.
Money is only ephemeral because it can fail people if they are relied on it for prosperity. People created money to serve in place of trading but they have ended up being a slave to money. People are mentally and physically exhausted because of living paycheck to paycheck. Eventually, they could have missed precious moments with their loved one because of money. In this society, money generally not only provides a practical value but also rules over people’s minds. Because people work for money, it is hard to ask them to do something without money. However, money can come and go easily without warning. The Wall Street stock market crash in 1929 was the worst economic nightmare in the history. Perhaps, nobody could predict what would happen in the future. The rich cannot guarantee their money because economic downturns could take everything away from them in an instant. In short, people should not rely on money for a secured life because money not only can provide prosperity but also can lead to poverty. Money cannot buy what people spiritually need in their lives. Moreover, it can only improve the material quality of life but does not necessarily fulfill people’s inner needs.
It is hard to deny what money can bring to people such as fame, respect and so on. In the modern society, without money people cannot achieve their goals. For example, even though college students go to different majors, they share the same dream of being successful. They have to pay or even borrow loans for higher education, hoping for a higher social status. While they can make friends easier with money, it is a question whether they have true friends or not. No matter how rich and how intelligent people are, they seldom control all aspects in life. People tend to evaluate relationships through how much earned money they make. This kind of evaluation is not accurate; therefore, it can lead to misconception about matters and humans. Parents provide money for their child, thinking that it can replace love and compensate for the lack of family affection....

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