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Money Is The Key To Solving Problems

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In today’s object oriented world, the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” is being repeatedly proven wrong. New research shows that just counting money can reduce physical pain and alleviate the bad feelings which accompany social rejection (Mandel, 2009). Money is the key to solving problems worldwide and in our day to day lives. Clearly, money does buy happiness as it allows you to have good health, strengthens bonds with families and friends and creates a better world.
Being healthy has become a part of many people lifestyle and individuals have to put in a conscious effort to do so. Even though fruits and vegetables are readily available in any supermarket, they contain many chemicals ...view middle of the document...

It is hard for someone who is depressed to be happy, especially regarding financial issues and this feeling can rub on others surrounding them. However, if they had sufficient amount of money they would not be feeling this way and could find ways to cheer themselves up no matter what the problem. Clearly, money does buy happiness for yourself and others around you.
In addition to buying good health, money can also help strengthen bonds with family and friends. Many people have relatives that live far away and cannot be reached on a frequent basis. It is very easy to turn on a computer and talk to someone over the internet, but it is nowhere as good as being able to meet them n person. “Creating healthy and rewarding connections with others is a fantastic way to boost your health and happiness “, especially when the connections are made with your loved ones (Ables, 2013). Plane and train tickets are very costly nowadays and many people are forced to stay out of touch from their families and friends as they cannot afford the sky rocketing prices. In 2012, the approximate average cost of an international annual round trip flight cost about $1,235.51(, 2014)! This clearly shows the positive effects of money and how it can buy you happiness by it keeping you and your loved ones connected. Furthermore, when an individual is able to financially support themselves, or their families, they tend to host or attend parties or events where they meet different types of people which can help create new relationships. This will help you become a better person and you may learn new things from the person. Additionally, building strong relationships with your family members is a crucial part of life and money gives you the opportunity to do so. It is every kid’s dream to visit Disneyland, but due to the high prices, many families are unable to have this once in a lifetime opportunity. Studies have shown that experiences buy lasting happiness than material objects. Even when you are planning how you wish to spend your money on yourself, choosing to spend money on a class, a tour or an event rather than on another item or clothing, you create an opportunity for connection, growth and grater fulfillment. (Albes 2013; Sekar 2013). This reason clearly shows how having money at hand can buy you happiness, not just from materialistic objects, but from the affection of others.
To add on, money can help to create and overall better world. Many individuals around the world live below the National Poverty Line, which indicates that they do not have access to basic requirements including food and water, for their families or themselves. These families earn barely enough to feed their children one square meal a day. Education is a luxury they cannot afford and unlike speaking, reading and writing cannot be learnt on your own (Nayak, 2013). Many people are left uneducated and due to this they are unable to get...

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