Money Is The Nightmare, Not The Dream

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It must be so nice to have money, lots of it. It must be so nice to be comfortable enough financially that if anything happens, you have got it covered. The life of luxury is the American Dream. If you work hard and destroy the competition, all this can be yours. What a life. Correct, what a life, a bad one. The American Dream today is a giant fallacy and a giant “screw you” to people who think working hard and good virtues can get you anything in this day and age. Well they cannot, the only way you can get anything in this day and age is by maliciously manipulating many, until the goal (normally monetary) is achieved. Money matters most. More, more, more for me, less, less, less for you ...view middle of the document...

Hard work, ambition, tenacity, intestinal fortitude, and logic were the qualities needed for a person to improve their status in any endeavor that they choose, whether it is in an organization, a team, a group, a business. It did not matter your father’s background as a garbage collector or whether you were orphaned at two years old “regardless of fortuitous circumstances of birth or position” (Adams 97) you could create greatness for yourself if you worked hard. Kino worked hard everyday of his life, everyday of his father’s life, and was told of his grandfather working hard, and saw nothing come to fruition, why? His destiny was controlled, his opportunity at wealth and success were determined and destroyed by the elite, the rich, the privileged. How can anyone succeed when success is deemed or determined by a completely biased and selfish person? Unfortunately, people that were just described are following their own American Dream. President Obama talked about “diminished levels of upward mobility in recent years” (Beato, Reason) The American Dream is extremely individualistic, it is essentially the concrete jungle, you fight others to propel yourself. Eat or be eaten!
Wealth can be easily attainable but when it is attained, controlling what affects it has on "your person" is almost impossible. In The Pearl, Kino finds the pearl of the world, the pearl which was every man of that profession would kill for. Kino finds the pearl, and suddenly becomes euphoric with opportunity and excitement. Stating that he wants to buy many things, such as new clothes, a rifle, and what really got him excited was sending his boy, Coyotito, to school. Money or just riches in general, are one of the leading causes of death literally and death of the soul. Money makes "monsters" out of men, and many times people become completely overcome by the idea. Sometimes justifying actions such as murder, robbery, and just hurting the people around you, including the people who love you. Money makes people forget their morals, their most basic principles that civilization cannot run without. Its a combination of many vices, including greed, selfishness, and gluttony.
The pearl symbolizes greed. Though it is a simple vice it can destroy simplicity and it can destroy all virtues. Greed is the most easily defined and frankly the most curable of all the vices. Greed though does its damage before the person is aware of it. Kino finds his simple life turned completely upside down, by his hope for a better life. Though his greed was not selfishly motivated, it was greed nonetheless. He loved his son, he loved his wife, and though his life was an austere life to say the least. The Pearl is concerned with man’s search for happiness and his need to choose between simplicity and complication. Between a life in nature or a life in society. He was happy. He provided for his family the best he could. They always had something, though it was not a comfortable life of luxury, it was...

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