Money, Money, Money (In A Rich Man's World)

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The Jazz Age was a gilded time in America, a period of excitement and carelessness, the entire nation obsessed with good looks and money. As wealthy reputations became more important than ever, Americans grew increasingly materialistic and craved the "good life"– a life with big houses, fancy cars, and lavish parties. The highest level of success was not derived from a hard work ethic as in the olden days, but instead from this new, gaudy American Dream, a dream focused neither on happiness or satisfaction, but instead solely on the attainment of wealth. Americans wrongly associated ultimate happiness with the possession of money, and often intertwined the two, reducing the old American Dream to nothing but a corrupt vision of wealth. In his novel The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald exposed the birth of this cheap, gilded, materialistic American Dream, as well as the empty lives it created. By illustrating both the ceaseless dissatisfaction and the immoral ignorance of the rich East-Egg socialites during this garish jazz age, Fitzgerald demonstrated how money can destroy and contort the beautiful purity of a simple dream.
Fitzgerald emphasized the extent to which money could corrupt a dream in the character of Jay Gatsby. A young Gatsby, constantly improving himself, had always worked towards some kind of goal. "Jimmy was bound to get ahead...he was always great for that" (Fitzgerald 173). Uninfluenced by money at this time, Gatsby's motives were pure. He worked to accomplish something, and when he did, he did not rest– effortlessly moving on to another part of his life that required perfection. Gatsby's perseverance and determination to improve were characteristics of old dreamers– people that defined success not as wealth, but as contentment, a result of hard work. However, when Gatsby finally achieved the wealth he had worked so hard for, the realness of the money did not seem to affect his idealistic behavior. Gatsby, after achieving his greatest dream, was still restless and unsatisfied. "He was never quite still; there was always a tapping foot somewhere or the impatient opening and closing of a hand" (Fitzgerald 64). Gatsby's money soon clouded his vision and contorted his original values. His wealth was not enough, and, usually able to use his money get whatever he wanted, Gatsby had to resort to needing something money could not buy– Daisy. The green light represented his longing for Daisy and the rich East-Egg neighborhood that he so wished to be part of, symbolizing this desperation for something that money couldn't give him. "He stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way....nothing except a single green light, minute and far away..."(Fitzgerald 20). The money, possessions, and the big house that Gatsby had weren't enough, and because he had it all, he had no choice but to lust for something more, crave something unattainable, something he could not get– mirroring the qualities of most Americans in this...

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