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Money Now Equals Money Later Essay

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Today’s society pushes on our youth that to succeed in life they need attend college. Grownups insist that a college degree will allow kids to gain more opportunities and a better life. The problem for most families and kids though is affording college, unless they receive athletic or academic scholarships. The expenses of college is prevalent in the movie “Rudy” as the protagonist (Rudy) attends Holy Cross College and Notre Dame University. Another movie comparable to that of “Rudy” is “The Blind Side” in which Michael Oher proves that people can change their life with an education. To find out the impact of finance and education “Rudy” and “The Blind Side” will be judged to determine if ...view middle of the document...

But Michael grew up on the streets of Memphis though as a runaway from foster homes. Nobody expected Michael to succeed at life or in school until he ran into the Tuohy family. The Tuohy family took Michael in off the streets and began to invest into Michael’s future and well being. A major issue with Michael was his education; Michael didn’t care for an education. The teachers took extra time with Michael and he eventually achieved better grades. The Tuohy family eventually adopted Michael and got him a tutor to help get a football scholarship and further excel his learning. As high school ended Michael chose to attend the University of Ole Miss to receive and degree and play football. Thanks to Michaels hard work on the field and in the books Michael was awarded a division one NCAA football scholarship to help afford college.
After Rudy earned his degree from the University Of Notre Dame he became a motivational speaker. Rudy’s determination and spirit willed him to become an icon for many people. The life experience Rudy earned at college alone would be considered worth the money, but for Rudy the money spent in college he quickly earned back. For a keynote address alone Rudy earns $17,500 according to the Premier Speakers Bureau. Rudy’s education allowed him to better his life and increase his standard of living by taking the...

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