Money: Power Or Happiness? Essay

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Since the early years of America, the rich have been considered the most powerful. Poor people were not considered very significant simply because they were unlike the rich. While wealth was desirable it wasn’t always worth having because money cannot buy happiness. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby reflexes this idea that money, although seen as power, cannot resemble happiness. In the book, many of the characters think their lives are more significant because they are wealthy. Daisy Buchanan is in a marriage money instead of for love. Although she did not have the patience to wait for Gatsby to obtain his riches, he spent several years of his life solely focusing on his goals to be a ...view middle of the document...

Everything this man did was to love and support Daisy. His love was written as more of an obsession, showing how he wanted to be powerful over her.
When Daisy and Gatsby first met, they believed they were deeply in love. Although they are young and in love, the two of them could not be together because Gatsby could not stay in Louisville during that time. Gatsby knew that his lack of money could not support the two of them, and wanted for Daisy to wait for him until he could become rich. Daisy couldn’t wait, though, especially not after she had met Tom. Tom was rich, and he wanted to marry Daisy. How could she resist? She found it worth giving up love because it was then and now, and he had the promise of riches. Daisy had the basis of her love set upon money because she would never go without the things she desired except for happiness. Although they liked to pretend they had a happy life, they both committed adultery as a result in being in such an atrociously unsatisfying marriage. Never in history has there been a genuinely happy relationship marriage where the two lovers have cheated on one another. Even though she was unhappy, Tom knew he had a grip on her because of the money that he had. Even though Daisy had stood her ground at the apartment in Manhattan, admitting that she was going to leave Tom, he shouts “She is not leaving me!” because he refused to believe that he would be powerless in such a situation (Fitzgerald 133). He was confident in himself and the love he was so sure Daisy had for him. When they were leaving Manhattan, Tom confidently tells Daisy and Gatsby to leave together because he knows that Daisy, his property, was staying with him. Upon telling them to leave together, he confidently says “Go on. He won’t annoy you. I think he realizes that this presumptuous little flirtation is over” (Fitzgerald 135). This goes to show that even without happiness, Tom knew the power he finds in himself from wealth had a grip on Daisy that she could not undue.
Tom’s self-empowerment cannot be denied because he was written as...

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