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Money Today Essay

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A recent study from Harvard University claims that money plays an important part in people’s level of happiness. However, the study also found that excess money could create stress and distress. Many people believe that having money is everything and that without money they cannot have the life they truly want. While there are others that insist that money does not buy happiness and raise the question: how much money do we really need?
The importance of money has become so important for life that we cannot survive without it. We need money for almost everything, such as food, clothes, housing and etc. So consequently making large amounts of money is much better than making a comfortable ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore people with less money tend to get jealous of those who have more money. And when all is said and done, there probably are not many people that would say no to winning the lottery or making more money.

On the other hand having loads of money can make life so much easier. Having money gives people the freedom to pretty much do whatever they want, even being able to carry out things other people only get to dream about. If their interests are traveling, having loads of money allows them to travel around the world, perhaps from their private plane.
Another important reason for why money is essential to people is for education. Nowadays going to school is terribly expensive; the books alone cost a fortune. So consequently people who make more money do not have to worry about their children’s future, where as they can virtually give them everything they could possibly ask for.
The thing about having money is that when people have a lot of it, they do not necessarily have to spend it all on themselves. There are a lot of people who donate a lot of their earning to charities or fundraisers. As a result they are maybe saving hundreds of lives.
However richer people do tend to get caught up in the money. They even get cocky and arrogant and start competing with...

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