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Mongol Effect On China And Russia

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China and Russia fell into the rule of the Mongol empire both politically and economically. The Mongol's rule between them contrasted greatly. The Mongol's ruled China through direct rule of it. The Mongols were also able to take control of the Silk Road. On the other hand, rule over Russia was indirect and economically, taxes were harsh.
Mongol rule between nations both varied and shared many similarities. Both China and Russia were incorporated into the ever expanding Mongol empire. The massive expanses of land each civilization contained would help to increase the power the Mongols had. This would also help them to control more of Eurasia. Many people were killed during the brutal wars ...view middle of the document...

Many Mongol weapons and the concept of military draft were also adopted by the Russians. The Mongols viewed Russia as lacking in development as well as advances. The cold and brutal climate of Russia left some desire for the Mongols to occupy. Mongol views on China were the opposite. They believed total occupation of China would benefit them. China was a very advanced civilization at the time that could provide silk, porcelain, and gunpowder which would lead to an enormous amount of wealth for the Mongols. Both Russia and China were once part of the great Mongol empire. However, ruling over these two empires was handled very differently by the Mongols.

Economically, the Mongols both benefited and hampered the economy when China and Russia were acquired into the empire. The Mongols were beneficial by controlling all trade routes that were once China’s and Russia’s. This helped to increase Eurasian trade and interaction between cultures and civilizations. The Mongols didn’t only benefit the economies of these two nations. The Mongols harshly taxed both Russia and China. This extracted a lot of wealth each of the two regions had. The Mongols saw enormous economic potential in...

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