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Monica And The Tower Of Magi

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As Monica walked into the Tower of Magi, she wished that she had never become a knight. Monica did not look very menacing to the untrained eye for she was no taller than five feet and had straight brown hair, but her father was a trained swordsman and as a girl she was taught to duel. King Arthur had chosen Monica specifically for this task because he knew that Monica had a experience in dueling and defeating mages. As Monica took out her sword and put the silver buckler on her arm, she searched for Linda. Linda was the reason that Monica had to put her life in danger. Linda was the greatest mage ever to exist on Earth and because of her, Camelot was being destroyed. Suddenly a great voice emanated within the halls of the Tower of Magi, "I knew you would come! Come and meet your destiny!"Monica searched the hallways for some evidence of where the voice had come from, and then she saw an open door at the end of the hallway. Sucking up all of her courage she strode purposefully towards the open door suddenly as she was about to step into it the door slammed in her face and all the torches in the dank hallway turned off. Monica fed up with Linda's cowardice yelled "Show yourself Linda!" Almost instantly she regretted saying that because Linda was not as cowardly as she seemed.The torches relit and Linda was standing at the end of the hallway. She was not much taller than an Elf, wore blood-red robes to match her lips. She wore her straight black hair up in a bun and in her hand she held a long thin wand with a red tip. "Have you been taught to duel a mage?" she asked Monica.Monica stayed silent and held her sword ready to kill Linda at the opportune moment. "We bow to each other, Monica," said Linda, bending a little but keeping her face upturned to Monica. "Bow to death, Monica" Monica did not bow. She was not going to give Linda the satisfaction of knowing that she was intimidated by her. "I said, "bow"," Linda said, raising her wand-Monica felt her spine curve as though a huge, invisible hand were bending her forward. "Very good! Now, we duel."Linda raised her wand and before Monica could react Linda sent an ice bolt and Monica fell to the floor in seizures. "So this is what the great King Arthur sends to save his kingdom? A knight who can't even fight a proper duel?" Linda laughed as she raised her wand to hit Monica again. Monica threw her buckler across the hallway and pushed Linda to the ground. Linda stopped laughing and got up and said, "You're going to wish you never did that!" Linda pointed the wand at Monica but before any words could come out of her mouth Monica took her sword and slashed Linda's arms. Blood seeped through her robes and dripped onto the ground leaving a stain on her white...

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