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Electronic communications such as e-mail and the internet improve employee productivity and efficiency. It is no wonder that according to Andrew Schulman the author of ?The Extent of Systematic Monitory of Employee E-mail and Internet Use, as many as 40 million American workers, which is nearly 1/3 of the entire United States workforce, have Internet and / or e-mail access at work.? In addition, according to the annual American Management Association survey of ?Workplace Monitoring & Surveillance? there are ?more than three-quarters of major U.S. firm record and review employee communication and activities on the job, including their phone calls, e-mail, Internet connection, and computer files.? The issues of monitoring have been heavily argued due to cases where employees have lost their jobs as a result of companies? monitoring their usage of e-mail and internet access Thesis: Although I strongly believe that our privacy is very important, there are situations when it needs to be given up for greater reasons. For example, in order to gain security in airports everyone needs to give up some of their privacy. Can you imagine an airport without any metal detectors, or without a bag x-ray? It would be a disaster, right? By letting someone see what is in your bags, what you are going to carry on the plane, and now even what is in your shoes, may prevent many things such as September 11th from reoccurring. How about in the workplace? Can you give up some of your privacy for greater reasons? This issue may be irrelevant to us right now but it will prove to be an important factor in our lives in the near future as we will be working ourselves. As of right now, according to the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the employer has the right to monitor all e-mail traffic and Internet surfing that occurs in the company. Even though many people argue against such actions, I believe that the company should always have the right to monitor its employees.I. The main conflict between employers and employees is about privacy. Workers feel that their privacy has been invaded and are concerned about what companies do with the information they gather through monitoring. They believe that in the workplace, their privacy should not be violated under their right of the fourth amendment, which simply states that it?s not legal to search and secure information without probable cause.A. Just like the airport, there are times when privacy needs to be given up for greater reasons. And there are many reasons why the company should have the right to monitor e-mail and Internet usage by employees. For example, workers get paid to do their jobs not to conduct any private activities using company resources.B. Cyber slackers cause companies to lose productivity. According to the ePolicy Institution, 90% of workers admit to recreational surfing on company time. In 1999 during the time of impeachment, when Congress released the Starr Report and President Clinton?s...

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