Monkey Family: The Olive Baboons Living In The Savanna

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I am presenting information on the life, past rate of growth and future of the Olive Baboon. I will demonstrate the community relationship shared by the adult females, males, and juveniles in the troop and how the ranking of females plays an important part of troop dynamics. I will explain the specifics of the climate of the savanna biome and what adaptations the Olive baboon, native to this habitat, has to support its survival and the food chain it is part of. I will further show the omnivores behaviors as a predator to rodents, hares, and Thomson gazelles, as a prey to lions, leopards and hyenas, and as an herbivore, that eats tubers, lemon grass and acacia. Further, I will explore the symbiotic relationship that the Olive baboon shares with the elephants. I will further examine the pivotal role of the Olive Baboon in the ecosystem and their impact on human beings. Finally, I will explain the Olive Baboons place in the biogeochemical cycles that sustain life, in the biome through the recycling of phosphorus, carbon, nitrogen and water

The Olive Baboons Living in the Savanna
The Olive Baboon is from the Old World monkey family. There are five types of baboons with the Olive Baboon being the biggest and having the largest geological range of all baboons. In order to differentiate it from other organisms, the Linnaean classification system classifies and identifies the animal. The genus, which classifies the animal as a member of the baboon family is Papio. To be more specific within the species, the Olive Baboon is named—after the Egyptian god of the dead--Anubis. The Olive Baboon is identified as Papio Anubis (Shefferly, 2004). Native to the savanna biome, Olive Baboon's are known for their greenish-grey tinted coat. The Olive Baboon weighs between 55.7lbs to 84lbs with the male Olive Baboons typically twice the size of their female counterpart. (Cawthon Lang, 2006).
Found throughout equatorial Africa and 25 different countries Olive Baboons easily adapt to a variety of habitats including, desert habitats, near evergreen forests, open grasslands, and places with varied rainfall and drought (Cawthon Lang, 2006). The biome most associated with the Olive Baboon the Savanna, rolling grassland with scattered trees and shrubs. The temperature is typically warm while there are two distinct seasons, rainy and winter dry. During the rainy summer season, the average rainfall is around 15-25 inches. The winter dry season there are only a few inches of rainfall.
The Savanna is rich in grasses and tree life making it a suitable habitat for a multitude of herbivores to live a congregate in large herds. Masses of zebras, wildebeests, elephants, giraffes, ostriches, gazelles, and buffalos can be seen grazing through the savannah. Where there are many herbivores, there must be predators to keep a balanced. Numerous powerful predators roaming the savanna hunt the Olive Baboon such as lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, black mambas, and...

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