Monopoly: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. Is More Government Oversight Of Corporate Finances Needed?

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"Corporate Fraud"...when you hear those words the first, most recent incident, many think of is The Enron Scandal. This same scandal produced the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002. This much needed act created the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board under the Security Exchange Commission's supervision. This board sets accounting standards and investigates Certified Public Accountants and companies to ensure they are following the guidelines set forth. This board has also been given the authorization to fine, suspend and recommend criminal investigations in the event CPA's and their firms violate the standards. (Lindstrom) To understand the stringency of this Act is to recognize what brought it about.Many, like myself, barely followed along on the nightly CNN reports about a billion-dollar company who filed fraudulent financial statements for five years, Enron. We are used to hearing about such things happening. Companies go bankrupt everyday. Yet, the Enron scandal hit the financial world so hard that it unnerved the faith the American people had in our economic system. The lack of investing ripped the stock market, which has dropped $200 billion since the December 2001 when the company filed Chapter 11. (Saporito) This crash was noted as the most stunning bankruptcy in history.Enron was originally a gas pipeline company. When the government deregulated the natural gas and electricity industry in the late 1980's and early 1990's, Enron took advantage. It dominated the gas, electricity, and water commerce and also commodities such as bandwidth. By the late 1990's, "Enron controlled almost 25% of all electricity and natural gas contracts traded worldwide." (Lindstrom) The company even had enough power to choose whom they wanted on the boards they had to do business with. (Gutman) By using illegal accounting tactics, the company escalated itself into a billion-dollar corporation.This strategy worked for them for five years. When the corruption outreached the grasp of the company, executives authorized a change that froze employees retirement funds as stock prices (which were at $98 per share) took a dive, going as low as $1. While executive sold their shares and walked away with millions, the lower-level employees lost their pensions. Enron collected their money in the form of a 401K (where the company matched the employees savings with Enron Stock.) Pension plans became worthless overnight as the value of the stocks dropped. (Gutman) Not only did four thousand employees lose their jobs, they lost their life savings as well.Some blame the accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, LLC, for not exercising the proper controls to prevent this from happening. They too could not come up with an explanation as to how Enron was able to get away with faulty financial statements for so long. Fearing the oncoming SEC investigations, they shredded and erased all the documents pertaining to Enron. Although the company proclaimed...

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Dylan Thomas: More than just Do Not Go Gently into that Good Night

1988 words - 8 pages “Do not go gently into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.” –Dylan Thomas Dylan Thomas wanted to entertain people more than anything with his work. He was passionate about performing his work on the BBC radio and performing it live in front of an audience. Dylan Thomas faced tragedies in his life and his sorrow is shown throughout different poems. In the end his most known poems “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night

this is an essay about dylan thomas' do not go gentle into that good night

1319 words - 5 pages anybody else. So when a boy or man loses his father, it is not something that a son can take in stride. It is a step back for a man and it puts everything in perspective as he knows that now it is he who bears the family name. In Dylan Thomas' poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" we see a man who, distraught by the oncoming death of his father wishes that his father would fight to live more and not give up. The recurring lines "Do not go

Do not go gentle into that good night

629 words - 3 pages Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light.Though wise men at their end know dark is right,Because their words had forked no lightning theyDo not go gentle into that good night.Good men, the last wave by, crying how brightTheir frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,Rage, rage against the dying of the light.Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,And

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight by Dylan Thomas

945 words - 4 pages Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight by Dylan Thomas Touching humans the most is the acceptance of unstoppable death. We all know that death will be our fate some day, but how we accept or how we deal with it is left to each individual. "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night," written by Dylan Thomas, emphasizes raging against death towards his dying father as he repeats this exhortation in the last line in every stanza. Imagery, sound

Tension in Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

677 words - 3 pages Tension in Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good  Night   Dylan Thomas’s poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good  Night", is an urgent plea from Thomas to his dying father, and all men not to give in to death.  Thomas uses himself as the speaker to the make the poem more personal.  The message of the poem is very inspirational.  Throughout the poem, Thomas uses different imagery and language to illustrate the tension between

Sonnet and Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night

2802 words - 11 pages "shalt die" because after you are dead there is never any need to fear death again, if this is true then why fear something which will only take you somewhere where fear is unheard of and will never have to be thought of again? Both poems use strong imagery and wonderful language. In Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night particularly the language and images used seem more important than the exact meaning of the poetry, leaving the poem open

Purpose of Life: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas

1435 words - 6 pages that it is filled with more anger and frustration than the other line, which signifies the “Good men’s ” frustration with their waning efforts in life (7). Consequently, the poet strategically decides to use the line “they/Do not go gentle into that good night”(5-6) when concluding the stanza about the “wise men”(4) as a possible demonstration of their inert wisdom, structuring the sentence in a way to hint to the auditor of their pre

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815 words - 3 pages poet's father. It is important to him that his own father resists death with all the strength available to him. "sad height" refers to his old age. His father is asked to shed " fierce tears" in order to give himself a chance of a few more days/ months/ years of life. The theme of the poem lies in the final two lines: " Do not go gentle into that good night Rage, rage against the dying of light."

A Comparison of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight, Stone Angel and Ancient Mariner

1071 words - 4 pages    "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight" is a poem by Dylan Thomas.  This poem is about fighting against death. Many people die everyday with a sense of defeat. They reach a point in their lives were they feel it is useless to fight against a force that is destined to claim them. The strength of their youth disappears leaving them weak. Those who accept death too early die spiritually before they die physically. They grieve a loss that is yet

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553 words - 2 pages his soliloquies. He blames himself for not having the courage to act. When he hears of Fortinbras’s campaign for a patch of worthless land, it exemplifies how much of a coward Hamlet, himself, is. Fortinbras shows his courage by being willing to act for something huge but of little importance, while Hamlet, on the other hand, has much to revenge for and he cannot come up with the courage to do so. His frustration even causes him to

Comparing Death in Do not go gentle into that good night and Death Be Not Proud

937 words - 4 pages something of a positive experience. This aspect is epitomized when he says "From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be, / Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow" (5-6). In essence, if sleep is so peaceful and restful, death must be at least as good. The major difference between these two poems is whom they are directed at. In "Do not go gentle into that good night" it seems to be a message to Thomas' father. He is saying all types

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613 words - 2 pages doctor their books; they are just the current one to be noticed.Realizing this is an issue for, not only investors, but consumers and the economy as a whole, President George W. Bush decided to take action. He is right: there needs to be some type of regulating authority to keep business finances trustworthy. I, however, do not believe that it should be the government doing this regulating. When I think of the government being involved in this issue

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975 words - 4 pages EXECUTIVE SUMMARY         There is not enough government oversight of corporate finances. The attached report recommends that all companies be required to implement fraud prevention programs, be audited using a new approach to detect material fraud, have a fraud specialist participate in the audit and have certain individuals within the corporation attend annual anti-fraud training.         Based on the number of cases the FBI has

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599 words - 2 pages Review: Do not go gentle into that good nightThe poem, Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas is, in my opinion, an excellent poem. While having the ordinary structure of a villanelle, this poem is in many ways a unique poem. It uses the qualities of deliberate repetition, intense language, active anger and hostility, and contrasting elements such as night and day and darkness and light effectively.A unique feature of this is that

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1040 words - 4 pages job with the Ministry of Defense at Abbey Wood in Bristol, but it will also keep her options open if she decides to change her career and go into criminal law. 2) The graduate diploma in law is effectively a conversion course for students who do not have law degrees. It provides the first stage in training to become a solicitor or a barrister. Students are expected to do around 20 hours personal studying a week. They undertake study weekends in