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Monroe Conspiracy Theory Essay

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The way Marilyn Monroe died still brings up a plethora of questions that have no answers. Autopsy’s reveal she died from an acute barbiturate poisoning due to ingestion of overdose (Marilyn Monroe-Autopsyfiles). Conspiracy theories of the most desired woman of this era are suicide, accident and murder. So what caused Monroe to perish and meet her end? Was it a heightened mood swing after rejection, prescription mix-ups along with doctoral malpractice, and the government’s way of shutting her up as a way to avoid scandals about JFK or was it the Mafia avenging itself on the Kennedys?
The most widely believed theory of Marilyn Monroe’s death is that she killed herself by overdosing on ...view middle of the document...

At this point, Monroe’s doctors were not on speaking terms. Dr. Hyman Engleberg was having marital problems and took a break from his occupation. Dr. Engleberg was Monroe’s primary doctor. Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe’s psychiatrist was giving Marilyn prescriptions for barbiturates; Engleberg was doing the same. Since neither doctor were speaking to one another, this lead to them being unconscious of the fact that they were putting a patient at a major risk. Seconal and chloral hydrate were found in Monroe’s system as the drugs that she took. Eunice Murray plays a very suspicious role in this theory. Eunice reported something was wrong with Marilyn around 3:25 a.m. and decided the first thing to do was to call her doctors. Murray did not call the Police Department until 4:25 a.m. When the police officers arrived, they claim Eunice was in the laundry running the washing machine and straightening up. It is very suspicious how calm she was and little importance she gave to the matter.
In addition to all these suspicions about Monroe’s demise, there are many qualms about the government’s involvement. It is a known fact that Monroe had an affair with John F. Kennedy and a fling with Robert, JFK’s brother. Robert Kennedy visited Marilyn the day she died to deliver a message from John (Marilyn Monroe│the Medical Bag). It is said he went to make it clear that John wanted to completely break things off with Marilyn. Marilyn was in a uneasy state and did not react well. Witness Norman Jeffries claims once he left Monroe threw everything in her room down to the floor. Marilyn became unrealistic since they first started to secretly date. Her telephone calls and letters became out of control, it then lead to Marilyn shooting threats. Marilyn knew all about the Kennedy’s secret affairs; she was actually one of them. Marilyn threatened to put the relationship between her and JFK out to the public various times. One time she convinced her friends she was going to call a press conference and reveal all her affairs (Wolfe, Donald H.).
Monroe had been involved with top mob men (Marilyn Monroe│the Medical Bag). Supposedly, Darwin Porter claims five mafia men went under the order of Sam Giancana to put a hit to...

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