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Monroe Is Still Here Essay

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The woman who lives on, with a giant statue that stands twenty-six feet tall and weighs 34,000 pounds in Chicago, Marilyn Monroe will never be forgotten. Even fifty years after her death, Monroe is still one of the most influential and inspiring women ever known. People may not realize the impact that Monroe has on the way the culture of present stars are in this day and era. If you roam the streets of cities that are filled with movie stars, singers, and celebrities, Marilyn Monroe is seen everywhere. Life-sized cutouts of Marilyn in her famous white dress, pictures of her modeling, wigs that replicate her hair, and dresses and clothes that look similar to what she once wore hang in stores all around the country. If Marilyn was not such an important figure in the life of stars and the world today, they would not still be making movies about her, writing books about her, and still trying to investigate her heartbreaking death.
Monroe’s stardom first started when she was recognized by males everywhere. She was absolutely stunning, and dramatic men fell in love with her image. Her beautiful, blonde styled hair and her dramatic curves definitely caught the eyes of men, but it was not just her looks that caught everyone’s attention. There were many other female stars that were physically beautiful too, yet Monroe had something special in her performances that stood out and quickly drew recognition. She had a glowing quality that had a combination of wistfulness, warmth, and desire. She set herself apart from everyone else, yet made them wish to be a part of her; she was shy, yet so vibrant and stunning.
Although men loved her, women were curious about who she really was. Monroe became a sex symbol and with the sex appeal she encompassed, she made film and society more permissive of sex, and impacted the sexual freedom that women have today. Though they envied her beauty, her character embarrassed many women. She portrayed herself as a dumb blonde, a joke, and a sexual object. Women did not always appreciate her sexuality and the way she portrayed the female image.
Even though Monroe was represented as a sex symbol, one reason she is remembered so well today is due to the fact that she was so sexual, yet so kind hearted and beautiful on the inside. Monroe was a person who gave happiness, love, and entertainment, but asked for nothing in return. She was an affectionate and passionate person who never liked to see anyone hurt or sad. Even on Marilyn’s worst days where the stress was almost too hard to handle, she still looked happy and relaxed.
“When the past dies there is mourning, but when the future dies, our imaginations are...

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