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Monsoon Wedding As A Window To A Culture Through Seeing Its Perspective On Arranged Marriage And Love.

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Response to Monsoon WeddingIn class was the first time I had ever seen Monsoon Wedding and it was very enjoyable as well as informative about love and marriage in India. It showed, as Mira Nair said, five different types of love. At first glance it is obvious that there are many different types and levels of relationships being shown, each with a form of commentary on the relationship about it's value in Indian culture.1.) Protective Love. This is the love of the father for his children and for his niece. He shows sadness for loosing his daughter, but delight in her potential for a happy life. He also breaks a very important bond with the older 'brother' for the protection of his family, this kind of bond is not the type you want to cut unless it is for very good reason and his love as a father for his family is good reason to him. We also see an example of protective love through the relationship of the niece for the young girl. She hid her experience of sexual abuse from the family but came forward in order to protect the young girl from going through any more.2.) Emotional Love. This is the love of Dubey for Alice. Something draws them to each other; one might say kindred souls or an emotional connection.3.) Amorous Love. This is the love shown by the relationship of the bride to be and her boyfriend. It is lustful, fleeting, something to be embarrassed of because there is not a lasting relationship that would easily grow from such love, and in this case, he is married.4.) Respectful Love. This is the love of the father and mother, and the love that begins to grow between the newly-weds. It is lasting, and develops over time. It is highly valued among the family shown in the video.5.) Unappropriate Love. There are relationships that are not supposed to...

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