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In the book Monster, we see the story of an eleven year African American boy known as Kody Scott get involved in the world of gang violence. Kody had been living in South Central Los Angeles all of his life, he grew up on Florence and Normandie. Kody was learning about gang life before he was even in a gang. The book starts with Kody graduating sixth grade, he is really excited because it is the day he will be initiated into a neighborhood gang, the Tray Eights, which is part of the Crips. Weeks before his graduation Kody felt proud of himself because he had flashed a gang sign in a school photo. His first initiation to become a member of the Crips was to kill someone from their rival group. Kody learned that a gang was for life and that killing the enemy was an act of survival. With the years, Kody builds up his name as Monster by killing people without remorse. Kody’s only aspiration in life was to become an OG gangster.
Kody was the second youngest of a family of six. His father mistreated him and they never had a good relationship, but fortunately he was not part of the family anymore. Kody also started to have a bad relationship with his mother when he joined the Crips. He started to see the gang as his family they made him feel wanted and supported. Kody and his gang would steal, tag in the streets, and even kill their enemies, which included the Bloods and the Sixties. Kody always felt a sense of accomplishment when killing his enemies. He was always doing what was in the best interest of the Crips. He would feel disgusted and disappointed if a gang member did not back him up, or acted as a coward. For Kody being in the Crips meant a rite of passage to manhood. Many things that Kody did were not acceptable in society, but he did not care because he wanted to keep building his reputation and prove others he was tough. For example, one time while in China’s house, a girl part of the gang there was a drive by and Kody had the audacity to go and shoot back at the enemy. Scott says “Jumping the Creeping Charlie plant on the porch…I darted into the street. Pulling out my chrome .25 automatic, recently put on the set by a new recruit, I begin firing at the car” (37). As soon as Kody felt enemy presence in his neighborhood he did not hesitate to kill. His gang congratulated him for proper response of defending the neighborhood, but Kody felt mad and ashamed that nobody else tried to do anything else when he alerted everyone there was enemy presence. In this situation his gang saw Kody’s reaction as acceptable and supported him. Kody wanted to keep proving his friends he took this seriously. He also wanted to prove he was strong and quick when it came to killing enemies. Kody only knew how to use violence to survive.
The life of a gang member like Kody revolved around violence. As a gang member he was expected to kill enemies, drink, and smoke weed, build a reputation and always defend the honor of their gang. Kody was a successful gang member...

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