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"Monster: An Autobiography Of An La Gang Member" Included Is Works Cited This Paper Was Only Written For A 200 Level English Class Analyze The Representation Of Violence In One Scene In "Monster"

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Essay assignment: How does violence create sympathy or antipaty?Does language convey emotional or physical reactions? How does the scene position you? How does the violence give character perspective of other characters? focus on metaphors, language, etc.Imagine you are inside a small room and suddenly you are hit upside the head by an unidentified object. This image is similar to the gang initiation described by Kody Scott in "Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member." The violence portrayed in this scene is very descriptive and paints a clear picture of what gang life for Scott will be like. Scott's use of imagery and graphic word choice throughout the book are helpful in putting his audience into the atmosphere he was surrounded by during his life as a gang member.The violence in this scene creates sympathy because of the brutality brought upon Scott unexpectedly. "Never saw the blow to my head come from Huck" (8) . This violence makes the audience feel sorry for Scott because the guys are very rough with him. However, this scene also creates antipathy because Scott is in this situation because he put himself there. The members of the gang are not forcing him to join and Scott knew that he was going to be "jumped in" by all the members of his set. Scott is eager to get this over with and be apart of something that he thinks will make him a gangster, or someone that doesn't need to be scared because he will be able to protect himself and he will also have people to back him up if he gets into a situation he is unable to handle alone.Scott's word choice adds to the violent atmosphere described throughout the book. The word choice in this particular scene is helpful because it allows the reader to grasp the concept of the violence of gangs not only towards other gangs but also towards themselves. He uses onomatopoeias like "Bam!" throughout this scene to add a auditory effect to the violence portrayed in the scene. This effect is helpful in adding more description to what is happening in the scene and it allows the reader to almost hear the blows to his head.The language describing the violence is very rough. By describing the violence meticulously it enables the audience to almost picture what exactly is being done to Scott during the gang initiation. The language is also very specific to the moment and that allows the reader to get inside Scott's head and feel what he is feeling during this beat in. "I knew now that if I went down again, I'd be kicked" (9). The graphic images coincide with what is...

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