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Monster Beverage Corporation Essay

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Purchase decision: Buying value
A consumer’s level of involvement in the purchasing process is usually rated from low to high. Monster’s consumers are not overly invested in the purchase decision. They have limited problem solving involvement, examining only few brands, considering only select sellers of products and spending little time searching before making their decision to buy a Monster energy beverage.
Having examined the alternatives (however many); the consumer is almost ready to make a purchase decision. In buying value, the choice of choosing Monster will depend on such considerations as past experience, buying the product/beverage and the location of purchase. Deciding when to buy will include sales persuasiveness, store atmosphere and financial circumstances such as income. From who to buy Monster Energy drinks from would depend on the sellers location; retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, various post-secondary institutions and convenient stores all stock Monster beverages. The effects of technology on purchase decisions make it more convenient to purchase Monster beverages and the high profile extreme sport endorsements also strongly influence the purchaser’s decision to buy Monster Energy drinks. Even the marketing for this drink is extreme and edgy, allowing the consumer to assume these characteristics to satisfy their self-perception as well as their desire.
Post-purchase behaviour: Value in consumption or use
The post purchase behaviour of a Monster Energy drink consumer depends on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the product or company itself. For instance, customers new and old, who have already tried Monster Energy drinks and are satisfied with it (i.e. quality/taste) will in most likelihood continue to buy Monster Energy because they are basing their post purchase decision on their positive past experiences. Monster is accomplishing this by advertising and selling at various sporting events that appeal to the interests of the buyers and making them feel like Monster is a very popular, edgy brand which shares the buyer’s interests and makes them a part of the family (a.k.a Monster Army). Monster also advertises to the eco-conscious buyer by writing on their packaging “100% recyclable”. By doing these things, Monster Energy is assisting in the consumers post purchase decision to recommend this energy drink preference to friends and family and become a loyal Monster buyer themselves.

Influences on Consumer Behaviour:
Situational Influences:
Often the purchase situation will affect the purchase decision; the impact of these influences is discussed briefly below:

The purchase Task:
The initial reason for customers engaging in the purchase decision of Monster beverages.

Social Surroundings:
Some customers purchase Monster because they saw their relative or friend purchasing the beverage; some may not have time to consider alternatives thus the effect of their purchase decision.


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