Monsters And Men Array In Literature

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Monster and Men have been around for ample number of years. In addition to this, every circumstance they have been portrayed in literature of some sort varies from the author to the time period to the genre. Three indigenous pieces that differ from each other are obscure from the: Macbeth, Beowulf, and Frankenstein. All three writers published each for separate purposes. William Shakespeare Constructed Macbeth for the king and was hinting advice toward the king. In reflection, the epic poem of Beowulf is not similar to Frankenstein in anyway. However all of these pieces of literature have an allusion to monsters and men. In stating this monsters and men are not universal throughout the genres of tragedy, epic poem, and romanticism novel.

The play of Macbeth was written at consent of the king of England. This play symbolizes a leader who had once been everyone’s prize to garbage. Lady Macbeth was portrayed as the parasite of the monster qualities later found in Macbeth. After the execution of the fellow king the conscience of a monster was unveiled. Then resulting in uncontrollable action of bloody killings and corruption arise in redemption of keeping the throne as a king. However, fate was against him as the men of the forest arrive to the castle of Dunsinane. This produces a skewed definition of what monsters and men are in a tragic play in comparison to a novel or poem.

Macbeth could have been once characterized as a hero and a man. But the alter caused the termination of man and now accepted into the monsters club due to his intentions and conscience. A traditional definition of a monster in society would be somewhat a fictional goblin or man-eating zombie. And men are seen to be sane in comparison to monsters and act as a typical human. In addition to the genre being a tragedy one can speculate that this was prone to occur to show the twist of fate. This tragedy shows one aspect of the topic of monsters and men not being universal throughout literature.

Beowulf is an epic poem starring Beowulf as the protagonist and epic hero. Beowulf was a Geatish hero who was summoned by King Hrothger and helps bring the intruder out of the issues of the Hygelac people. Beowulf could not be an epic hero if it were not for the monstrous natures of his adversaries. Grendel, Grendel’s Mother, and a fire-breathing dragon were Beowulf’s adversaries. In this poem the monsters were known and were stated clearly different than man. The monsters and men...

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