Monsters Inside Me, We Were Instructed To Write A Summary Of The Patients In The Show Pharmacy Summary

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October 23, 2017 NTO
Monsters Inside Me Writing Assignment
In this episode of Monsters Inside Me, there are three stories shared and oddly this time there was a baby who was in the mix. Each case however lets all viewers know there are so many parasites ready to attack a host and cause harm to the body and everyone who surrounds them. The cases vary in many ways, whether it be age or location, but they all show how one most be cautious of their intake and where they spend their time or what they may do one day that will and could influence the rest. It is also important to also remember to be vigilance and be alert. Even if it may seem like something so minute it could be a pathway for bacteria.
The first case shown is of Armando, a husband and father, who served in the army and was now a veteran. When he came home after training he comes down with what seems to be the flu due to a very high fever. After a visit to the hospital he receives antibiotics, but they are no help and after several days he noticed some red dots of irritation on his back. His pain grew more and more a pain in his side begins to accumulate. He then notices one morning he has yellow eyes meaning he had jaundice, which is yellowing of the body and eyes. They diagnosed him with a UTI, urinary tract infection, but the symptoms still did not make sense to his wife so she went to get an internal specialist. After getting a CAT scan, it came to the doctor’s attention that Armando’s spleen was severely enlarged, which mean there could be an infection and could lead it to rupture and then cause internal bleeding. It came to the doctor’s attention that Armando was in military training and it was concluded that he got Babesiosis in the woods where he lived while in training from a tick.
The second case is of a baby who lives in Tennessee with her her two parents, Jesse and Karen Wood. Adison is the daughter of a youth pastor and loving mother. Adison is a bubbly baby and loves milk, but one day her mom was changing her diaper and noticed her stool was abnormal. The following day she seen...

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