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Monsters University Essay

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In a movie Monsters University (Dan Scanlon, 2013) the Althusser’s Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses theory can be seen through representing the influence of ideology by Ideological State Apparatus’ institutions that mostly impact on characters rather than influence of Repressive State Apparatus (Louise Althusser, 1970).
From the beginning of formation of society its members are both taught the society’s norm and controlled by who had a power over them by using two different forms in which the government control is preserved. In other words, these norms and values create their identity and attitude of society’s members and under those values controlled their behavior.
Throughout the movie Monsters University a monster’s society are mostly under the influence of Educational and Cultural ISA’s. Form the first minute of the movie to the last, these monsters that are in power indoctrinate the norms and beliefs into monsters mind through education system in schools and universities.
From the first scene where little monsters take a school trip to Monsters Inc., the viewer can see that Mike Wazowski and other monsters argue who is the scariest one. In this case the film presents the ideological power over society through Educational institution of ISA, which in this case is represented as school. Society’s members are learning norms from the beginning of education process. The most important belief is that the best monster is one, who is the scariest, or the scary appearance and skills will lead to success, but they are not given from the birth, they have to be learned. Wazowski represents a type of person who always follow rules and very eager to study the given ideological norms and values, therefore he comes up with a dream to become a professional scarier and in order to gain appropriate skill he decides to go to Monsters University and enroll into scaring program that teaches scaring techniques monsters. Although Monsters University has many other programs, Mike Wazowski chooses exactly scaring program that is most popular and prestige. The movie Monsters University again shows to us the importance of ISA influences on monsters trough education, when the dean of Monster University comes to first lecture of Scaring 101 she clearly states that true monster exist for scaring and monster that is not able to scare is just a parody on a monster. She clearly highlight the primary ideology in monsters world, regardless that she is also a dean of other programs that are related to the scaring, such as knowledgeable assistance, manager or engineer of scare container. Dean Hardscrabble reinforces the belief of their main purpose, because if all programs will be equally valuable and popular the primary purpose to scare would be lost. In other words, film represents Dean Hardscrabble as a member of ISA’s Educational institution who clearly dictates values and norms without using any violence and threat of force, in order to keep control of society,...

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